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Folding wall Beds

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Image of Aura modern 2 seat sofa in White Scent fabric by Cane-line

Snug, Contemporary Comfort

Cane-line Aura

Aura is a cozy sectional sofa that provides exceptional comfort in easy contemporary style. What's more, you can specify Aura in a range of snug and tactile fabrics too.

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Folding wall Beds

Folding Wall Beds

La Literal folding wall beds feature simple utilitarian design and exceptional functionality. For example, these adult space-saving beds quickly and easily provide everyday comfort, subsequently folding away when not in use.

Everyday Functionality

Moreover, the beds opening and closing systems are intuitive and easy to use.

Moreover, the bed includes many practical features. For example, the bunks are fitted as standard with gas pistons to dampen opening and closing.

Moreover, La Literal collection of space-saving beds includes;

  • single vertical beds
  • single horizontal beds
  • vertical double beds
  • bunk beds
  • folding bed with desk


Moreover, La Literal’s everyday functionality and broad product range make the collection suitable for a wide range of applications. For instance, installations include;

  • private homes
  • hostels
  • hotels
  • universities
  • hospitals

High Quality Wall Bed Materials

Next, Sellex have an international reputation of producing high quality contract furniture for over 4o years.

Consequently, the company use only the finest materials and cutting-edge production techniques for La Literal folding wall beds.

For instance, materials include;

  • powder coated steel
  • melamine chipboard


Importantly, all of the above materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life. Consequently, this reduces waste and environmental impact.

Moreover, the recycled materials can then re-enter the manufacturing cycle.

La Literal’s Designers

La Literal’s creators Altherr-Lievore-Molina are an internationally acclaimed & award-winning design trio. What’s more, there work is notable for its simple modern design and functionality.