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Fireside Accessories

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Elegant Minimalist Style

Peter Maly fireside set

Peter Maly fire tools feature sophisticated modern design that will not age. Moreover, the tools are reassuringly heavy and feature leather-bound handles,

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Fireside Accessories

Fireside Accessories

Importantly, our exclusive fireside accessories provide the perfect finishing touch to any hearth.

For example, it’s a chilly winter’s night and you’re cozying up in front of the fire. Firstly, the dancing flames in the fireplace are held captive behind a stylish modern glass fire screen. Next, minimalist stainless steel fire tools gently reflect the fire’s glow.

Welcome to luxury fireside accessories where you can browse a wide collection of;

  • high quality companion sets
  • fire dogs
  • fireside log stores
  • contemporary fire screens

Exclusive Companion Set Brands

Our collection is brought to you from leading manufacturers including;

  • Conmoto, Germany
  • Dimensione Fuoco, Italy

Fireside Accessory Designers

Moreover, designers include;

  • Peter Maly
  • Michael Sieger
  • Afra & Tobia Scarpa
  • Gunter Matten
  • Marco Ferreri

Luxury Fire Tool Materials

Importantly, our collection of luxury fire tools and modern hearth accessories use highest quality materials. Consequently, this ensures a lifetime of functionality and aesthetic appreciation.

Moreover, good design is timeless. For instance, these fireplace products are designed to pass the test of time, being passed down from one generation to another.

For example, materials include;

  • brushed stainless steel
  • powder coated steel
  • leather
  • hand-forged recycled steel


Moreover, many of the above materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life thus reducing wastage and environmental impact.

What’s more, A Ferro E Fuoco are already made from old railway track, having already been recycled once before.

Subsequently, the materials can re-enter the manufacturing cycle.