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German family-owned company Flora is a specialist designer and producer of  modern planters and trellises. Significantly, the planters feature a highly practical planting insert suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Moreover, the company also offer a unique range of trellis planters on wheels, that create mobile screening and architecture wherever you want.

Lastly, Flora products are meticulously handcrafted in Germany, adhering to the most rigorous quality standards.

Moreover, the planters use robust, all-weather materials that are highly resistant to corrosion. 

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About Flora Products

Flora Planters

Specialist German company Flora are experts in the design and production of contemporary plant pots and planters. Notably, this family-owned business boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1875.


Moreover, the company also collaborates with prominent designers, in addition to their own in-house design team. For instance, notable designers in their roster include:

  • Michael Koenig
  • Arik Levy

For example, Michael Koenig is acclaimed for his exceptional planters such as the Box planter and the Paro all-in-one planter and trellis.

Planter Functionality

Next, all of Flora’s planters are equipped with custom-made aluminium planting inserts as standard. Additionally, you can specify these clever inserts for either indoor or outdoor use.

Consequently, the inserts enable effortless maintenance of your plants and planters.

Trellis Planters

Secondly, in addition to beautiful contemporary planters, the company also offers a unique range of trellis planters. What’s more, the trellis planters feature tough wheels as standard.

Consequently, you can use these mobile planter terraces to create architecture, screening and privacy in a range of interior and exterior environments.

All-Weather Planter Materials

Significantly, the company uses only the finest materials in order to guarantee you peace of mind.

For example, high quality materials include;

  • powder coated galvanised sheet steel
  • corten steel
  • aluminium

Finish Options

Moreover, you can specify Flora planters in a wide range of colour options and finishes. For instance, these include;

  • standard and bespoke RAL finishes
  • oxidised corten steel