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Specialist shade company FIM is an Italian organisation, dedicated to providing an extensive selection of retractable sunshades and parasols.

Moreover, their commitment to utilising high quality outdoor materials ensures the durability of their products, enabling them to withstand continuous outdoor usage.

Consequently, FIM’s products are crafted for longevity and are an ideal choice for everyday use in both residential and hospitality projects.

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About FIM Products

FIM Sun Shades

Specialist company FIM are market leaders in freestanding awnings and sun shades. Firstly, their production facility is in Italy, where the company’s luxury shades are hand-made.

Product Range

Moreover, the company’s range of parasols and shades includes a wide range of retractable awnings that are perfect for use in high-end residential and hospitality projects.


Next, the company’s sun shades feature timeless modern design and unbeatable functionality.

High Quality Materials

Importantly, FIM uses high quality materials which ensures a lifetime of hassle-free functionality and aesthetic appreciation.

For example, materials include;

  • powder coated aluminium
  • galvanised steel
  • Sunbrella dyed acrylic

Moreover, these materials are also marine-grade. Consequently, FIM products are suitable for outdoor use in even the harshest environments, as well as being perfect for spas or hotels.

Retractable Awnings & Parasols

FIM transforms awnings into modern art, with sweeping contemporary styling and luxurious colour palettes. What’s more, you can browse a wide range of sizes, thus specifying an awning that’s perfectly tailored to your outdoor space.


Lastly, the company also offers a stylish range of cantilever parasols, including their flagship Capri.

Importantly, you can easily adjust to any angle as well as move these versatile cantilever parasols, allowing you to stay seated in the shade for the whole day.