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Royal Botania Lighting

Belgian company Royal Botania supply a broad selection of outdoor lighting products for a range of different applications.

What’s more, the lights feature unique contemporary design that will enhance any outdoor space.

Moreover, the lighting uses high performance materials.

Consequently, the products provide a lifetime of reliability and aesthetic appreciation.

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About Royal Botania Lighting Products

Royal Botania Outdoor Lighting

Belgian company Royal Botania offer an exciting range of modern exterior lighting to enhance your outdoor space, whatever the time of night….or day.

Moreover, the collection features original modern design & luxury quality materials, ensuring a lifetime of functionality, reliability and aesthetic satisfaction.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Firstly, why not welcome visitors and guests with an exclusive collection of entrance lighting and outdoor wall lights. For instance, options include;

  • Dome
  • Wally
  • Twin
  • Tesla
  • Q-BIC
  • Omega
  • Moso
  • Log
  • Beamy
  • Beacon

Garden Spot Lights

Secondly, are you looking to pick out some planting or an architectural feature with an adjustable spot? For example, the product portfolio provides many solutions, including;

  • Moso
  • Q-BIC

Bollard Lights

Thirdly, the company’s lighting collection also includes a wide range of modern bollard lights and post lamps. For instance, the lights are perfect for illuminating;

  • pathways
  • flowerbeds
  • driveways
  • parking areas

Quality Outdoor Lighting Materials

Moreover, you can choose the lights in a range of all-weather materials, including;

  • stainless steel
  • teak
  • oxidised steel
  • Corian
  • brass

Lastly, the products are ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces in high-end residential and contract projects.