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Conmoto Fire Tools

German company Conmoto are innovators of original fireside accessories & companion sets.

Moreover, the company’s products are notable for their outstanding modern design and extraordinarily high build quality. Indeed, Conmoto fire tools are designed to be inter-generational!

What’s more, this unique collection of fireplace accessories includes all you need to maintain your stove, fireplace or hearth with exceptional functionality and stylish aplomb.

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About Conmoto Fire Tools Products

Conmoto Fire Tools

Fireplace specialists Conmoto are dedicated to the design and production of highest quality fireside accessories which are notable for their outstanding minimalist design.

Firstly, the company is based in northwest Germany and was founded in the late 1990’s by Johannes Wagner.

Moreover, this up-and-coming company became our first European supplier back in 2000.

Modern Fire Tool Designers

Next, from its inception, Conmoto has worked with leading German and Italian designers. For example, designers include:

  • Peter Maly
  • Michael Sieger
  • Fried Ulber
  • Karsten Gollnick
  • Günter Matten
  • Marco Ferreri

Fireplace Accessories

What’s more, the company’s unique fireside accessory range includes; 

  • contemporary companion sets
  • modern stainless steel fire tools
  • minimalist log storage units
  • stylish fire dogs and andirons
  • sleek glass fire screens

Ethanol Fires

Uniquely, the product portfolio also includes portable ethanol fire. For instance, the fires’ dancing flames create a unique ambience in the house or garden. Moreover, the fires produce 1 Kw of heat!

Consequently, these unique flueless fires are truly a statement piece to add to your garden or outdoor area.