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Specialist manufacturer Cassecroute presents a selection of arguably the world’s finest contemporary picnic tables and benches & brewery furniture.

Significantly, the company’s products harmoniously combine effortless modern style, durability & versatility.

For instance, customisation options offer many sizes, exciting colour and material finishes, even including the option for any RAL colour.

Moreover, you can opt for a range of different rectangular or circular picnic or beer table & bench formats, catering to different preferences & requirements.

Lastly, this exceptionally beautiful outdoor furniture makes an indelible statement in both residential & contract surroundings.

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About Cassecroute Products

Cassecroute Modern Picnic Furniture

Specialist company Cassecroute are designers & manufacturers of arguably the world’s finest picnic furniture.

For instance, the rectangular “Cassecroute” modern picnic table with integrated bench seats stands as the company’s signature product.

Significantly, the furniture uses the finest all-weather materials. Consequently, this guarantees generations of everyday use, even in the harshest outdoor environments.

Bespoke Street Furniture

Next, customisation is a key highlight. For instance, you have the freedom to select the frame and table top in any RAL colour, or opt for the natural elegance of iroko hardwood for the table and bench surfaces.

High Beer Tables

What’s more, “The Beer Table” shares the same timeless modern design as the rest of the Cassecroute modern picnic furniture collection.

Moreover, you can specify these outdoor tables and benches in sizes ranging from 1.8m to an impressive 6m, accommodating up to 24 jolly beer drinkers at once.

Lastly, you can match the materials and colour finishes of the rectangular Cassecroute picnic tables when choosing the Beer Table modern bar furniture.

Sustainable Garden Furniture

For eco-conscious customers, the firm offers the option of specifying all their picnic tables and raised beer tables with seat and table surfaces in recycled aluminium.

For instance, Cassecroute uses 95% recycled aluminium, which not only ensures sustainability but also offers exceptional properties such as;

  • high resistance to corrosion
  • UV and scratch resistance
  • full recyclability at the end of its long life