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Specialist company Coro presents a quintessentially Italian collection of luxury garden furniture. For instance, comfort, luxurious outdoor materials and Italian style are all to be found.

What’s more, the collection includes outdoor furniture and accessories for most eventualities.

Lastly, Coro is hand-made in Italy by skilled artisans, using only the finest materials. Importantly, Coro furniture is intended to be cherished across generations, and to last in even the harshest of weather conditions.

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About Coro Products

Coro Garden Furniture

Family-owned business Coro understands the true essence of crafting exceptional outdoor living spaces where memories are made.

Significantly, an unwavering commitment to premium quality lies at the heart of Coro’s philosophy.


For example, each and every piece of furniture is meticulously designed to not just meet but exceed the expectations of discerning customers.

Moreover, its dedication to the principles of understated contemporary Italian design sets Coro apart from its competitors.

For example, each creation reflects the fusion of tradition and innovation, capturing the essence of Italy’s rich design heritage whilst embracing the modern aesthetic demands of today’s world.

Product Range

What’s more, this uniquely chic range of outdoor furniture includes;

  • individual & garden corner sofas
  • outdoor dining furniture
  • sumptuous sun loungers
  • parasols & pergolas
  • planters
  • hammocks & lounge chairs

Artisanal Skills

One of the distinctive features of Coro is its insistence on preserving the traditional art of handcrafting.

For example, take their luxury garden sofas. Firstly, the sofas feature hand-woven premium outdoor all-weather materials. Consequently, this ensures that their products not only look stunning. What’s more, the sofas also endure the test of time. Importantly, each piece will withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions.

Versatile Outdoor Designer Furniture

Importantly, when you choose Coro, you’re not just investing in garden furniture; you’re investing in the art of living beautifully outdoors.

Moreover, with Coro products, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home, a place where memories are made, and moments are cherished.


Lastly, the company’s commitment to quality, design, and craftsmanship  elevates your outdoor living experience to a level of excellence that only Coro can provide.