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Image of Royal Botania Dome Move modern garden floor light with Zenhit teak sofas in the background

Inviting Illumination & Handsome Design

Dome Move

Dome Move provides unique mood and atmosphere in any outdoor nighttime space.

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Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters enable you and your guests to prolong convivial moments in the garden or terrace. For instance, a modern patio heaters gently warm like the rays of the sun, using cutting-edge FAR INFRARED technology.

What’s more, our terrace heaters feature outstanding modern design too. Consequently, the heaters become an essential accessory for any contemporary outdoor space.

FAR-Infrared Heating

FAR-Infrared heating provides comfortable heat without the orange light often associated with outdoor electrical heating. Moreover, the heating is;

  • cost effective
  • produces zero emissions
  • can reduce inflammation
  • can improve circulation
  • can help improve exercise and recovery
  • it can speed the healing process
  • can help improve your mood

Free-Standing Patio Heaters

Significantly, our best seller is the Heatsail Dome heater, a free-standing device which you can wheel around the terrace. Moreover, Dome also includes a dimmable lamp too, so you can create mood and ambiance for you and your guests. What’s more, Disc’s timeless contemporary design suits a variety of environments. Importantly, you can also add a range of optional extras to Dome, including;

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • a protective cover
  • bespoke RAL colour finish
  • extra ballast

Next, we also supply Heatsail Disc, which features  sophisticated modern design by Studio Piet Boon. Moreover, you can specify Disc  in a stylish range of carefully selected colour finishes.

Exterior Pendant Heaters

Outdoor pendant heating units are perfect for installing in garden rooms, pergolas, cantilevered terraces and a variety of other spaces.

Moreover, our range of Pendant heating units provide outstanding performance and sophisticated modern design.

For instance, the collection includes;

  • Dome pendant
  • Disc pendant
  • Beem heat bar
  • Glow heating pendants

Quality Outdoor Heating Materials

Importantly, our heating units use only highest quality materials, including;

  • ceramic FAR Infrared heating elements
  • powder coated aluminium
  • stainless steel

Moreover, the stainless steel and aluminium are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life. For example, this minimises waste and environmental impact.

What’s more, the materials can then re-enter the manufacturing cycle.