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Conmoto Home

The Conmoto Home collection showcases opulent interior furniture renowned for its distinctive contemporary design and premium materials. Conmoto Home encompasses exceptional modern tables and chairs, sleek low tables with minimalist aesthetics, and designer sofas of the highest calibre.

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About Conmoto Home Products

Conmoto Home Furnishings

Conmoto indoor collection includes luxury interior furniture characterised by unique modern design and high quality materials.

Founded in the late 1990s by owner Johannes Wagner, Conmoto showcases contemporary German designers and is renowned for making furniture that can last generations.

Conmoto Home includes unique modern tables and chairs, minimalist low tables, and designer sofas.


Contemporary indoor furniture

Conmoto Home modern table and chairs are ideal for use in the home, offices, restaurants, bars, hotels and many other locations. Many of their pieces are made to be modular and work in different combinations. Choose from an exciting range of colour options, as well as durable metals and fabrics.

Conmoto luxury interior furniture is made with the highest quality materials and is ideal for residential and hospitality projects. The timeless modern design and premium materials ensure the furniture will provide a lifetime of comfort and functionality in maximum style for you, your family and guests.