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Shademaker parasols feature simple contemporary design and exceptional functionality.

For instance, Shademaker  are pioneers in the application of “yacht mast technology” to their range of luxury sun shades.

Consequently, the parasols are notable for their strength & versatility.

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About Shademaker Products

Shademaker Parasols

Shademaker offer a wide range of adjustable cantilever parasols and high quality mast parasols. Moreover, the company’s products are suitable for both residential and hospitality projects.

What’s more, the parasols feature simple modern design which works in any surroundings.


What sets the collection apart from the competition is unparalleled functionality. For example, many of the cantilever parasols rotate through 360º.

Moreover, you can also have the parasol canopy, thus providing shade wherever the sun is.

Yacht Mast Technology

The collection of modern garden parasols has been developed using aluminium yacht mast technology. Consequently, this provides incredibly strong and light parasol masts and ribs.

Moreover, the aluminium is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life.


The adjustable cantilever collection includes;

  • Sirius – a smaller cantilever parasol for residential use
  • the larger Polaris and Galaxy parasols, which are ideal for both residential and hospitality projects

Next, Shademaker’s high quality mast parasol collection includes ;

  • the smaller Libra parasol which is ideal for everyday residential and contract use
  • Astral is a larger mast parasol which is more suited to hospitality projects