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ISO 9001 certified company Sellex are based in the Basque Country in northern Spain.

Significantly, the company offer a unique range of adult-sized wall beds which are intuitively designed and easy to use.

Moreover, Sellex beds use hardwearing contract quality materials.

Consequently, the beds are designed for a lifetime of everyday use in both contract & residential environments.

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About Sellex Products

Sellex La Literal Space Saving Wall Beds

Spanish company Sellex are based in the Basque Country in northern Spain. Moreover, the company are ISO 9001 certified manufacturers of highest quality folding beds.

Design & Functionality

Firstly, La Literal wall beds are created by internationally acclaimed design team Altherr-Lievore-Molina. Significantly, La Literal beds are notable for their simple modern design, easy-to-use intuitive functionality, and highest quality materials. Consequently, the beds are ideal for everyday residential and contract use.

Wide Range of Formats

Moreover, Sellex beds are available in a range of different formats. For instance, options include;

  • La Literal bunk bed
  • Studio folding single bed with desk
  • La Literal single bed with shelf
  • A vertically opening double wall bed
  • Single vertically opening wall bed

Contract & Residential Wall Beds

La Literal contract wall beds have been installed in a wide variety of locations. For instance, these include;

  • private homes
  • hostels, hotels
  • universities
  • conference centres
  • hospitals and many other locations here in the UK and internationally.

UK Contact

Encompass Furniture is UK Agent for La Literal wall beds.