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About Bloo Products

Welcome to the wonderful outdoor world of Bloo, designers and manufacturers of no-nonsense modern garden furniture. Bloo modern garden furniture has innovative contemporary design, and is made in high quality garden furniture materials. Chief designer Robin Delaere is always seeking new and creative ways to enhance our enjoyment of the leisure time we spend outdoors. Take Fields garden sofa, for example. Fields is no ordinary garden sofa, as its multifunctionality enables you to quickly and easily change it from a sofa to a chaise longue, or a lounger or bench. Each of Fields’ different functions enables you to relax in different ways, whilst comfort & functionality remain paramount. Noon exterior lounge furniture consists of a 2 seat sofa and a lounge chair, both of which have sophisticated modern design, and offer the user outstanding comfort. You can also combine Noon outdoor lounge furniture with Jibe outdoor side table and Jibe garden coffee table. Both Jibe and Noon feature a characteristically hand-woven acrylic cord, which is both tactile and weather-proof. Soda Pop garden dining set offer you and your guests  untold comfort with modern sophistication, allowing you to entertain with maximum style and functionality.