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Miami-base Tuuci have developed a range of exceptionally high quality parasols and sun shades.

What’s more, you can browse a wide variety of mast and cantilever parasols to suit your requirements.

Significantly, the collection also includes parasols with heating, lighting & automation.

Lastly, you can specify Tuuci parasols & shades in a wide range of finishes, tailored to your precise desires.

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About Tuuci Products

Tuuci Luxury Quality Parasols

Miami-based Tuuci has developed a range of luxury quality parasols & sunshades which are in high demand in the sun-baked Florida climate.

Significantly, the Tuuci brand is also internationally recognized for product excellence, quality & innovation.

For instance, the company offer a wide range of shading solutions for the residential, marine and hospitality markets.

What’s more, the products are synonymous with highest quality, functionality and versatility.


Tuuci’s shading solutions range from small mast parasols for a small back garden through to large cantilever parasols with heating and lighting for a windy outdoor restaurant terrace.

Ocean Master Parasols

For instance, the Ocean Master parasol collection includes both centre pole parasols and side post parasols that are ideal for residential projects.

What’s more, the range even includes the Shade Pod parasol range that features up to 4 canopies on 1 single mast.

Ocean Master Max Parasols

Next, the Ocean Master Max range of luxury parasols also includes a broad range of centre mast and side mast parasols.

Significantly, Ocean Master Max parasols feature a heavier build specification. Consequently, this collection is especially suitable for hospitality and marine projects, as well as high-end residential installations..

Moreover, the Ocean Master Max range also includes automated parasols and parasols with heaters and lighting.

Parasol Finishes

What’s more, you can specify Tuuci parasols in a range of finishes. For instance, you can select the mast and ribs of many parasols in;

  • standard polished titanium (aluminum)
  • Aluma teak wood effect finishes
  • colored powder coat finishes

Moreover, you can choose your parasol canopy in a wide range of highest quality Sunbrella fabrics.

High Quality Parasol Materials

For your peace of mind, all parasols use only the highest quality materials.

For instance, all Tuuci parasols feature marine grade materials, ensuring their suitability for even the harshest marine environments.

What’s more, all fixtures and fittings are interchangeable.

For instance, parasols use all-weather materials including;

  • aluminum
  • marine grade stainless steel
  • 100% solution dyed acrylic


Significantly, most of the materials used to create the parasols are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life.