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Hammocks & Swing Seats

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Image of row of RODA Mistral teak sunbeds overlooking horizon swimming pool

Comfort & Refined Design

RODA "Mistral"

Mistral lounger is a perfect marriage of chic design & everyday functionality. What's more, you can specify Mistral's webbing & cushion in a wide range of finishes.

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Hammocks & Swing Seats

Modern Hammocks & Swing Seats

Our hammocks & swing seats provide a unique way to enjoy precious moments outdoors. For example, what better way to relax and enjoy a summer’s afternoon than to doze in a snug and deeply cushioned swing seat beneath a tree.

Moreover, the dappled light & shade play together as they pass through the unique pattern of your Bios swing chair. Importantly, you and your partner share these unique moments in your own private universe of comfort and shade.


Somethin is stirring deep in the Latvian forest. Design genius and physicist Raimonds Cirulis has developed a fantastic range of swing seats and hanging sofas which have a unique contemporary design.

What’s more, the Bios swing seat collection provide you with your own private world of exceptional comfort & intimate relaxation.

Top Secret Background

Bios modern swing chair pods are made in basalt fibre, a remarkable polymer first discovered by the Soviets. For instance, basalt was first used in the aerospace industry, thanks to its;

  • lightness
  • immense strength
  • durability

Consequently, these same characteristics have been harnessed to create the Bios modern sofa swing pods and swing chair seat pods.

Large Swing Seat Sofas

Significantly, the collection includes 2 multi seat swing chair options, including;

  • Bios Alpha sofa swing which, which has a “zeppelin/lozenge form, and seats 3 or 4 people!
  • Bios Hide hanging sofa swing, which seats 2-3 people, and is redolent of a weaver bird’s nest.

Small Swing Seats

Moreover, you can also specify Bios swing chairs in single format too, including;

  • Nest
  • Mini
  • Lucid

Essential Swing Chair Accessories

Importantly, we also provide a range of essential luxury swing seat accessories, including;

  • custom-made marine-grade swing seat stands
  • luxuriously plump cushions
  • protective covers

Where Can I Hang My Bios Garden Swing Seat?

In addition to our custom-made stand, you can also suspend your Bios swing seat from the branch of a tree, the beam of a pergola or inside the home.

Garden Art

What’s more Bios modern swing chair pods are captivating modern garden sculpture as they gently revolve in the breeze, whatever the weather. Consequently, the furniture becomes year-round garden art.