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Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

The Encompass modern garden accessories pages host many exclusive outdoor products not found anywhere else in the UK. Looking to buy a premium quality outdoor door mat? We offer RiZZ luxury door mats, which are available in a range of standard sizes.

Looking to cool-off outside? Browse our selection of low maintenance modern garden showers from top European brands including Roshults, all made in premium quality materials.

Royal Botania modern garden accessories include a luxurious garden cushion box, which is generously sized and made in high grade stainless steel and A grade teak. Looking for something around the pool to hang your towel on? Fear not, Royal Botania Ninix garden furniture collection also includes a minimalist towel rail.

Encompass Furniture garden accessories also include a wide range of modern design garden trellis from Flora.

All garden accessories are made in highest quality all-weather materials including stainless steel, A grade teak, galvanised powder coated steel and durable plastics. ensuring they are suitable for a lifetime of outdoor use.