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Image of RODA Onda outdoor lounge beanbag and chaise longue bean bag with Apsic low table, shown on sunny poolside decking with undulating Italian countryside in the background

Enveloping Comfort & Modern Style


Onda bean bags invite you to lie-back and relax in unprecedented style. Moreover, you can choose these opulent beanbags in a wide range of outdoor fabrics.

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Garden trolleys are a silent companion at your side, ready to assist drinks, nibbles and other essentials whilst you and your guests enjoy each other’s company.

What’s more, our outdoor butler trays also feature refined modern design and handy practical features.

For instance, the products often include;

  • wheels, enabling you to quickly and easily move the trolley about.
  • removeable trays, which you can lift off the butler tray in order to serve your guests.

Outdoor Accessory Brands

Moreover, our exclusive collection of exterior trolleys includes products from leading brands including;

  • Roshults
  • RODA
  • Gloster

High Quality Outdoor Trolley Materials

Importantly, the products use the finest all-weather materials. Consequently, this ensure a lifetime of functionality with minimum corrosion & maintenance. What’s more, the high-end materials also ensure that the trolley maintains its chic aesthetic qualities for a lifetime of use.

For example, high quality materials include;

  • stainless steel
  • powder coated aluminium
  • plantation teak & FSC teak


Importantly, most of the above materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life. Consequently, this minimises waste and environmental impact. Moreover, the materials can subsequently re-enter the production cycle.