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Polish company Masuria offer a unique collection of wood fired pizza ovens and BBQs.

Moreover, the company’s products feature playful modern design and high quality materials.

Consequently, the products are resilient, corrosion-resistant and perfect for a lifetime outdoors.

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About Masuria Products


Polish founder and chief designer Sebastian Pawłowski of Masuria has elaborated a unique range of garden furniture and outdoor pizza ovens and BBQs.

Moreover, the company’s products are perfect for maximising your outdoor leisure time with family and friends.

For example, Masuria are specialist manufacturers of;

  • modern bbqs
  • high quality outdoor grills
  • wood-burning pizza ovens
  • outdoor stoves

Importantly, the company’s attention to detail and appropriate selection of materials are paramount.

Moreover, this ensures that all products are reliable, user-friendly and maintain consistent aesthetics.

What’s more, the products enable you to create a unique atmosphere when enjoying leisure time outdoors with family and friends.


Significantly, the company use only the highest quality materials. Consequently, this ensures a lifetime of functionality and aesthetic appreciation.

Moreover, materials such as;

  • corten steel
  • stainless steel

Importantly, both materials are also fully recyclable at the end of their long life.


The Masuria region is in north eastern Poland, and is renowned for its 2000 lakes. Significantly, the area is frequented by boating enthusiasts, canoeists, anglers, hikers, bikers and nature-lovers.

Consequently, the region has become one of the most famous lake districts in Central Europe and a popular vacation spot.