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Cane-Line Indoors

Danish company Cane-line offer a range of interior sofas and indoor lounge furniture which is notable for its refined Scandi design and luxurious comfort.

Notably, these designer sofas offer a plethora of finishes and configurations to suit your preferences perfectly.

Furthermore, Cane-line takes pride in crafting their modern sofas using the highest quality materials within the EU, ensuring exceptional durability and premium craftsmanship.

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About Cane-Line Indoors Products

Cane-line Indoor Furniture

Danish company Cane-line are celebrated for their expertise in combining comfort and style in outdoor settings. Now, the firm has also turned their focus to interiors.

For instance, they now offer a captivating selection of natural rattan and cane products, perfect for indoor spaces.

For instance, these indoor cane and rattan pieces boast a contemporary and stylish design, just like their outdoor counterparts.

Modern Sofas

Notably, the company has recently introduced a collection of indoor sofas, featuring a sophisticated Scandinavian design that exudes luxury and comfort.

For example, these sofas are also modular, granting you the flexibility to create a diverse range of lounge configurations tailored precisely to your space.


A noteworthy aspect of Cane-line’s indoor philosophy is their commitment to sustainability. For example, the Aura sofa showcases a base made from;

  • powder-coated steel
  • birch plywood

Importantly, both materials known for their strength and fully recyclable properties, ensuring their responsible approach to eco-friendliness.


Cane-Line Indoors