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Spanish-based Vondom are specialists in the design & production of exceptional outdoor furniture & accessories.

Moreover, the company’s extensive range offers solutions for almost every outdoor furniture eventuality.

What’s more, Vondom works with the upper tier of the world’s best furniture designers, to create truly eye-catching & luxuriously comfortable designs.

Lastly, you can specify your Vondom furniture & accessories in a breath-taking array of finishes, precisely tailored to your exact desires.

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About Vondom Products

Vondom Modern Garden Furniture

Spanish based company Vondom are located in the crucible of the Valencia furniture industry. For example, the firm are manufacturers of highest quality modern garden furniture for discerning residential and hospitality clients.

Importantly, Vondom products are notable for their outstanding contemporary design. For instance, the company collaborate with leading designers including;

  • Studio Vondom
  • Ramón Esteve
  • Fabio Novembre
  • Ross Lovegrove
  • Jorge Pensi
  • Ora-Ȉto
  • Karim Rashid

Modern Garden Furniture & Sofas

Next, the company use a wide range of materials to create their unique collection of luxury outdoor furniture. For instance, the firm widely use polyethylene resin to create their furniture. Importantly, the material is;

  • strong
  • UV, corrosion and chlorine resistant
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life

Moreover, the company use state-of-the-art roto molding and injection molding technology. Consequently, this enables Vondom to create weird, wonderful & ergonomic forms.

Importantly, you can also specify the furniture in a broad pallet of colour and lacquer finishes. What’s more you can also choose some collections with optional LED lighting too!

Next, you can also browse a wide range of minimalist aluminium garden furniture. Importantly, the material is;

  • strong
  • corrosion-resistant
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its long life

Modern Contract & Residential Furniture

Next, Vondom also provide a wide range of bar furniture, including;

  • modular bar counters
  • high bar tables
  • bar stools & bar chairs

What’s more, this versatile collection is perfect for a wide range of residential and hospitality applications.

and bar counters are highly versatile. For instance, the furniture is ideal for many contract projects from small pop-up bars to the largest Ibiza night club.

Moreover, our Spanish colleagues also offer a wide array of premium contract dining and bistro furniture. What’s more, you can also browse an impressive range of sun loungers and high-end garden day beds.

Importantly, all ranges are suitable for both residential and hospitality projects.

Lastly, this high quality modern garden furniture is equally suitable for year-round exterior and interior use.