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Family-owned Dutch firm RiZZ has over 80 years of expertise producing industrial brushes.

However, in recent years, the company has applied this knowledge to create a unique range of door mats.

For instance, “The New Standard” door mats feature chic contemporary design and unparalleled functionality.

What’s more, you can specify the mats in a range of sizes and finishes.

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About Rizz Products

RiZZ Modern Door Mats Company

Dutch firm RiZZ are a family owned company based in Nijkerk, Netherlands. Significantly, the company has built a reputation since the 1940s as specialist manufacturers of high quality precision brushes for industrial and consumer products.

Quality Luxury Indoor / Outdoor Door Mats

Significantly, the early 2000s saw the company’s nylon brush-making expertise combine with contemporary Dutch design. Consequently, this lead to the creation of a unique range of door mats.

For instance, the door mats feature timeless style and functionality. For example, the mats remove 80% more dirt than a standard coir door mat.

Stylish Door Mats

Firstly, The New Standard door mats feature durable aluminium frames. What’s more, you can specify the frames in a range of chic high quality finishes including;

  • anthracite aluminium
  • white aluminium
  • anodised aluminium

What’s more, you can optionally choose the mats with a teak inlay.

Moreover, you can select the mats in a range of different sizes.

Consequently, the mats are ideal for use in a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces.