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FueraDentro (“OutsideInside”in Spanish) products include a holistic range of modern garden furniture for all outdoor areas.

Moreover, the company’s products feature timeless design and highest quality materials.

Consequently, these features ensure that the company’s products will be appreciated for decades to come.

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About FueraDentro Products

FueraDentro Modern Garden Furniture

FueroDentro specialises in crafting high-end outdoor furniture that combines timeless modern design with the use of premium quality materials.

Their product range encompasses:

  • Minimalist stainless steel garden dining tables and chairs
  • Designer garden sofas and outdoor lounge furniture
  • Contemporary sun loungers
  • Outdoor bar furniture

These products are meticulously crafted using all-weather materials, which include stainless steel, Batyline, premium-grade teak, ceramic, and toughened glass. These materials ensure that the furniture remains resilient outdoors throughout the year, serving as distinctive architectural embellishments.

Designer Garden Furniture

FueroDentro’s designer garden furniture boasts styling by renowned European designers, including:

  • Jan de Bourvrie (SHELL furniture)
  • Henk Steenbakkers (CIMA lounge and DOBLE garden table)
  • Timothy Scheiber (E-VOLVED)

What sets this premium quality modern garden furniture apart is its suitability for a wide range of residential and hospitality projects. Moreover, the furniture’s all-weather materials are built to withstand even the most demanding exterior environments.