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Image of Beem OUTDOOR CEILING HEATER – MULTIFUNCTIONAL Exterior HEATER, LIGHT & COOLING System By HEATSAIL High Quality Garden Heating & Infrared Outdoor Heater Company

State-Of-The-Art Functionality & Sleek Design

Heatsail Beem

Beem outdoor ceiling heater uses FAR-Infrared to gently warm like the rays of the sun. Moreover, the heater includes a dimmable light as standard too. Lastly, you can specify Beem in a range of sizes, and with optional misting too.

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Heater Accessories

Heater Accessories

Our range of outdoor heater accessories include essential add-ons for Heatsail heating products.

For instance, the range includes handy options to maximise your enjoyment as well as prolong the time you spend around our modern garden heaters.

Moreover, the accessories also ensure that you can use these chic patio heaters in even more locations.

Garden Heater Add-Ons

For example, these must-have accessories include;

  • A Bluetooth speaker option for Dome heater. Consequently, this option enables you to pair your smart phone to the Bluetooth speakers within Dome’s base so you can play your favourite tunes.
  • Secondly, extra ballast for Dome cantilever patio heater is always worth considering in areas of higher wind. For example, the additional ballast provides further stability to Dome heater.
  • Thirdly, you can also optionally specify a snug protective cover to go over Dome heater’s hood.
  • Next, an extra pair of wheels for Dome cantilever terrace heater enables you to quickly and easily move the heater from A to B.
  • Lastly, the optional height extension piece raises the height of Dome’s hood, making it suitable for use over taller bar furniture.

High Quality Materials

Importantly, Heatsail use only the finest materials which include;

  • stainless steel
  • steel
  • acrylic


Moreover, many of the above materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life. For example, this minimises waste and environmental impact. Subsequently, the materials can then re-enter the manufacturing cycle.