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Luxury Teak Garden Furniture

Luxury Teak Garden Furniture

Ever since luxury passenger steamships began to ply the oceans, teak has been the material of choice for luxury outdoor furniture. For example, passengers relaxing on teak steamer lounge chairs was a familiar sight on any 1st class promenade deck. Subsequently, teak furniture has come to evoke durability, style and timelessness.

Teak Furniture In The 21st Century

Significantly, teak furniture is still associated with longevity and luxury. However, nowadays, you can choose browse from an extensive line-up of teak garden sofas, teak outdoor dining furniture, teak sun loungers and much more. Moreover, our range of teak furniture features cutting-edge contemporary design that will stand the test of time.

Teak Properties

Teak hardwood (Tectona grandis) is the natural choice for luxury garden furniture. For example;

  • teak is naturally oil-rich, making it highly resistant to rotting and corrosion. Consequently, the timber requires little maintenance too.
  • Next, teak’s dense grain provides enormous structural strength too.
  • Lastly, teak naturally weathers to a chic silver-grey, lending a timeless and organic aesthetic.


Importantly, all of our suppliers carefully monitor all teak to confirm its origin, legality and sustainability. For example, all of our suppliers strictly adhere to both local and international legislation pertinent to the sourcing and processing of teak. Moreover, some suppliers exclusively supply FSC certified teak, which meets the very highest environmental and socio-economic standards.

Importantly, some suppliers have undertaken to give back more to the environment than they use. For example, Royal Botania founded the Green Forest Plantation Company in 2010. Significantly, the company subsequently created a plantation with a surface area of about 200 hectares (i.e. 500 acres). Moreover, the Green Forest Plantation Company planted over 250,000 teak trees there between 2011 and 2014.

Teak Garden Sofas

Teak naturally brings a touch of class to any outdoor space. For example, the exclusive modern design of our luxury sofas is enhanced with the soft hues of natural teak wood.

What’s more, you can specify our teak lounge furniture in a wide range of formats, including modular sofas and stand-alone sofas.

For instance, teak lounge furniture options include;

Importantly, all of our teak sofas come supplied with uber-comfy outdoor cushions. Moreover, you can browse from a tempting range of fabric finishes too.

Teak Dining Furniture

Teak dining furniture has a timeless and organic aesthetic that seamlessly blends into any surroundings, be they traditional or modern. What’s more, we offer a wide range of different sizes and formats of teak tables that will perfectly fit a variety of different spaces. For example, our range of teak tables includes;

  • square dining tables
  • rectangular dining tables
  • circular dining tables
  • extending garden tables
  • compact bistro tables
  • folding teak tables

Here’s an overview of our modern teak dining sets;

Teak Sun Loungers

A sun lounger is the perfect spot to lie-back and relax, snoozing, sunbathing or reading around the pool or on the terrace. Importantly, Encompass offer an extensive range of of luxury teak sunbeds and daybeds, available in a range of styles.

Comfort is paramount. For instance, you can add a cozy outdoor cushion to any of our teak sun beds.

What’s more, nearly all of the sunbeds are full adjustable, enabling you to put the lounger’s back in a variety of postures for upright reading or lying flat.

Moreover, most sunbeds are also fitted with wheels for your convenience. For example, this enables you to quickly and easily move the loungers as desired around the pool.

Lastly, here’s an overview of some of our most popular teak sun loungers and daybeds;

Teak Garden Accessories

Lastly, we also offer an exclusive range of teak outdoor accessories to complement your outdoor space. For example, these options include somewhere to safely and dryly store your garden essentials, or a chic parasol to shade you and your guests. Here’s an overview of options;