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Encompass Spring Furniture Ideas

Encompass Spring Furniture Ideas

Encompass Spring Furniture Ideas. Long gone are the days of granddad’s old deckchair and your auntie’s old fold away sun lounger that used to trap your fingers. Today the outdoor living space of your home is as important as the interior, and should incorporate the luxury of the indoor lounge. Hard as it is to believe with the current drab weather, spring is around the corner, and we’ve got modern garden furniture solutions for you on our mind.

Tips for creating your own outdoor living space

Outdoor spaces do not have to be huge for you to create an inviting, usable and social area of your home for garden dining and relaxing. All it takes is a little planning, the right plants and of course some stylish contemporary outdoor furniture. And… it doesn’t have to break the bank (apologies to Sir Fred the Shred Goodwin).

Inside out

Usually an outdoor space follows on from a room in the home. It really works if you try and continue to bring your contemporary indoor style outdoors. Thus, creating a smooth transition between the two living areas. This can be done through either colour or by the style of the garden furniture. Additionally, accessories, such as planters and of course the shape and scale of the plants can help with this. Moreover, for additional indoor comfort and texture, why not try garden carpet for your outdoor space!

There are lots of styles of outdoor garden furniture to choose from. These might include;

  • contemporary
  • minimalist
  • modern
  • retro
  • teak wood
  • stainless steel
  • light weight aluminium
  • or even the hard wearing Batyline or COAXXS fibres.

The choice of comfortable cushioned outdoor sofas through to luxury dining tables and parasols is exciting, especially with additional new products constantly being added. Creating a look that matches your own style could not be easier.

Invest in good quality

A high quality piece of outdoor garden furniture will be much more comfortable than a slatted deck chair. Moreover, it will invite you to lounge and relax outdoors for just a little longer. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, and nowhere is this more true than for garden furniture. Good quality products last and will save you money in the long run. This is especially true in the garden, where harsh conditions can quickly deteriorate poorly made products. Our ranges are designed and made with a lifetime of use in mind.

So carefully consider if you require sun loungers, a modular sofa, benches and dining table, or carver chair and table combination… You are going to be spending hours relaxing here.

Have a hero focal point in your outdoor space

Take your well honed interior design skills outside and find that special place that you are going to centre your outdoor design upon. This could be anywhere from a gentle water feature, a terrace, deck or patio. Maybe even a particular blossoming tree or an architectural feature from the outside of your house or garden room. From there, think about the aesthetic that’s going to match that area. Once you have an idea of that, consider what colours and textures used in the furniture are going to blend with your surroundings. Once you have built up these ideas, have a think about what size and function you want the furniture to fit. For example, are you going to want an extendable dining table to seat extra guests? Or a smaller table of fixed size?

Think about the sun

Some “sun worshippers” will always be happy getting as much sun as they can. However, at times, shade is an important consideration. Indeed, parasols are an ideal way of spending more time outside, whilst being shaded directly from the harmful rays.

An advantage of parasols is that as the sun moves through the course of the day, so can the parasol! Thus providing optimum shade. We supply a selection of very nice modern design cantilever parasols that do just that. Indeed, rotating on their base, in order to keep track of the sun.

Alternatively, Encompass have a range of very funky mast parasols that make a great design punctuation.

Day into night

Extend time spent outdoors by creating a feature at the same time as warming yourselves and your guests. A fire pit or bio-alcohol fire can provide a fantastic focal point in the garden that draws people together. Thus. maximising the time you spend relaxing and enjoying your leisure time.

Double up

The designers of outdoor garden furniture appreciate that space is sometimes at a premium. Therefore, some of our ranges include contemporary design storage boxes. Significantly, cushions and garden paraphernalia can be safely stored and kept dry.

Some tables can be folded and chairs stacked when not in use, should you need to temporarily open up a space. Benches can also be stored under tables to minimise the footprint of the furniture when it’s not in use.

For inspirational ideas on furniture and accessories to create your perfect outdoor space, simply call or email us. We’ll be happy to send you some catalogues, and share the knowledge we’ve built up over the years.