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Contemporary picnic benches in hardwood

Hardwood picnic tables are a great way to enhance your outdoor space, whether that is a chic cafe, an outdoor centre, or simply your own garden. The addition of picnic tables can significantly enhance the overall ambiance of your outdoor seating area. The natural beauty of hardwood, with its rich grains and warm tones, exudes an inviting and upscale vibe.

Round tables and large benches encourage social interaction, making picnic tables perfect for group gatherings, picnics, and outdoor events. In your own garden, hardwood picnic tables can transform the space into a tranquil oasis for relaxation and entertainment. They offer a practical solution for outdoor dining, family gatherings, or even a quiet spot for personal reflection. The timeless beauty of hardwood tables enhances the overall aesthetics of your garden, creating an inviting focal point that complements the surrounding landscape.

Encompass have a wide range of hardwood picnic tables to suit your space, find out more about just some of our offers below:


Cassecroute Modern Picnic Table

Cassecroute picnic tables feature fun designs without sacrificing practicality. These modern, blocky tables are perfect for entertaining large gatherings with hardwood sizes up to 420cm – enough to fit 20 people!

An important feature of this picnic table is that there are no beams to climb over, just sit down and let the party begin! Its robust powder coated aluminium frame will also mean you will rest assured that the table will not tip over.

The Cassecroute’s table top is made from structurally stable iroko hardwood. Iroko is a naturally oil-rich and strong hardwood, chosen to withstand the elements and renowned for exceptional durability. Iroko is a dense and hard wood, which contributes to its longevity and ability to resist wear and tear.


Wünder Picnic Tables

Contemporary Belgian furniture brand Wünder is making a name for itself with their colourful outdoor picnic tables. Combining the comfort of wooden table tops with playful coloured steel tubular frames, this modern furniture is reminiscent of playground equipment.

Circular Picnic Table

Wünder’s “The Circle” picnic table is a perfect choice for creating a warm and inviting outdoor dining experience. Its adaptability makes it suitable for both residential and commercial use, ensuring it stands out as the centrepiece of your outdoor area.

Constructed from sustainable afzelia wood, “The Circle” picnic table is not only environmentally friendly but also highly durable. Afzelia wood is naturally resistant to rotting, making it a robust choice for outdoor furniture. This remarkable property eliminates the need for preservative treatments, reducing maintenance requirements and promoting sustainability.

“The Circle” encourages convivial dining, thanks to its circular design that brings people closer together. It’s the ideal setting for enjoyable gatherings, whether you’re hosting a family meal or providing seating for a bustling outdoor restaurant. The absence of the need for preservatives aligns with eco-conscious practices, contributing to the preservation of forests and minimising the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Rectangular Picnic Table

Also from Wünder’s collection, “The Table” is a modern picnic table that’s perfect for stylish entertaining. If you don’t have the space for “The Circle”, then “The Table” is the perfect alternative. Available in a range of sizes, seating 8 – 12 people, this large picnic table will fit in a variety of settings.

“The Table”’s durable frame has an anti-corrosion treatment, ensuring that the picnic table will be suitable for even the harshest of environments. As above, the table tops are made from FSC certified afzelia wood, an incredibly hard and durable wood.