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Contemporary Large Garden Dining Tables

A space for the entire family to enjoy, dining tables can quickly become a centrepiece of your garden patio. Eating al fresco is a great way to utilise your outdoor space as an extension of your home, bringing all your friends and family to one space and enjoying the open air. 

We’ve selected some of our favourite contemporary large garden dining tables for you to choose from:


Doble Minimalist Garden Dining Table

Designed by Henk Steenbakkers for FueroDentro, Doble is a modern classic that will look as good in a generation’s time as it does today! Crafted to perfection, this exceptional piece is truly an example of timeless design.

One of the most sought-after garden tables in the market, Doble’s popularity stems from its thoughtful design and practical features. The inset pedestal legs not only add an elegant touch to the table’s aesthetics but also serve a functional purpose. By cleverly integrating the legs within the powder-coated stainless steel frame, Doble optimises the seating capacity around the table. This means you can easily accommodate more chairs and guests, making it an ideal choice for gatherings, parties, and entertaining loved ones.

Table tops are available in Belgian bluestone, teak, or contemporary black, white, or modern ceramics. This wide selection allows you to tailor Doble to your taste and surroundings, ensuring it seamlessly blends with your garden’s style and architecture.

Beyond its striking appearance and customisation options, Doble also boasts remarkable durability and weather resistance. The table’s resistance to UV, weather, and temperature ensures that it maintains its pristine condition for years to come – perfect for the ever-changing British weather!


Aspect Garden Dining Table

The Aspect dining table stands out as a captivating and versatile piece, showcasing a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. As part of Cane-line’s contemporary garden furniture range, this chic table exudes a sense of elegance that complements any outdoor setting. Available in sizes up to 2.8m long, this table will comfortably fit eight guests.

The most striking feature of the Aspect dining table lies in its attractive curved edges. These gentle curves not only add a touch of visual allure but also contribute to the table’s versatility. The combination of the teak frame and stylish ceramic top enhance the table’s modern appearance. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, Aspect prides itself on the use of premium outdoor furniture materials. With its weather-resistant features, this dining table proves to be a reliable companion, capable of providing a comfortable dining experience even under open skies.

The Aspect dining table embodies the essence of contemporary garden furniture with its alluring curved edges, captivating teak and ceramic combination, and effortless functionality. Designed to withstand the test of time and the elements, it is an investment in style, comfort and durability.


Vigo XL Extending Garden Table

The Vigo XL extending garden table is the epitome of both style and functionality, offering a perfect solution for those who love to host. Designed in Belgium by Jati & Kebon, this modern outdoor table elevates any outdoor dining experience.

One of the standout features of the Vigo XL is its impressive extendable design. With the ability to quickly and easily extend the table from 2.2m to a generous 3.3m, accommodating extra guests becomes a breeze. Whether you have last minute additions to the guest list, or simply want to create a more spacious dining area, the Vigo XL can effortlessly adapt to your needs. Its flexibility allows you to transform it from an intimate 6-8 seater into a grand 10-12 seater at a moment’s notice.

The ceramic surface offers a sleek and contemporary look. Available in both matt white and charcoal finishes, you can choose the colour that best suits your aesthetic preferences and complements your garden’s ambiance.

When it comes to hosting gatherings, convenience is key, and the Vigo XL understands this perfectly. Its extendable feature and spacious seating capacity enable you to entertain guests without any worries about space constraints. The table becomes a focal point for memorable moments shared with loved ones, making outdoor entertaining an absolute pleasure.


Styletto & Strappy Garden Dining Set

The combination of the Styletto table and Strappy chairs from Royal Botania offers a striking dining experience that seamlessly merges contemporary design with functionality. Designed by the talented Kris Van Puyvelde, these outdoor furniture pieces come together to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing ensemble that enhances your garden’s ambience.

The Styletto garden dining table is a true centrepiece, commanding attention with its sleek and modern look. Available in sizes up to an impressive 3.2m, this table provides ample space for up to 10 guests to comfortably gather and enjoy your garden setting. Its generous size allows for a luxurious dining experience where friends and family can come together, creating lasting memories while relishing the beauty of the outdoors.

The Strappy outdoor chairs, designed by the same creative mind behind the Styletto table, perfectly complement this exquisite dining set. The use of high-quality materials ensure that these chairs are not only stylish but also durable, withstanding the demands of outdoor use. What sets the Strappy chairs apart is the ability to customise them to match the Styletto table seamlessly. You can coordinate the legs of the Styletto table with the frame of the Strappy chairs, creating a harmonious and unified appearance for your garden dining set.


Whether you’re hosting a family dinner or a grand outdoor event, these large dining tables stand as the epitome of sophistication and functionality. Elevate your outdoor dining and make your garden a place of timeless beauty and joy. Browse our full range of garden dining tables, or contact us to secure your interest.