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Specialist company RODA create luxury garden furniture that features distinctive Italian design flare.

What’s more, all of the company’s products use the highest quality materials.

Consequently, RODA furniture is ideal for a wide range of high-end residential & contract applications.

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About Roda Products

RODA Furniture

Italian firm RODA was founded in 1990 in Gavirate (Varese), and is dedicated to the creation of unique luxury garden furniture.


Significantly, the company and its products perfectly encapsulate the essential luxury Italian furniture ethics. For instance, these include;

  • sophisticated Italian design
  • uncompromising quality

Moreover, the company’s philosophy includes the belief that it is possible to enjoy the outdoors just like a true interior design project.

However, colors, materials and shapes should remain faithful to the value of the spontaneity of living “en plein air”.


RODA’s design team includes creative luminaries such as;

  • Rodolfo Dordoni
  • Gordon Guillaumier
  • Maria Gabriella Zecca,
  • Antonino Sciortino
  • Adam D. Tihany


RODA provide furniture & accessories for all outdoor spaces. For instance, the collections include;

  • garden dining furniture
  • outdoor lounge furniture & garden sofas
  • pool furniture, sun loungers & day beds
  • outdoor carpets and pergolas
  • outdoor bistro furniture & bar furniture

High Quality Materials

Importantly, RODA products use only highest quality materials. For instance, materials include;

  • powder coated aluminum
  • powder coated stainless steel
  • Gres ceramics
  • FSC teak
  • solution dyed acrylics
  • Batyline
  • cork


Importantly, the use of durable, recycled, recyclable, non-toxic, non-allergenic and certified components is a concrete part of RODA’s environmental responsibility.

  • Firstly, teak used in several of RODA’s collections is FSC® certified.
  • Secondly, straps, upholstery fabrics and cords are produced from recycled materials. Moreover, this same production process reduces the use of water and chemical additives, and emits less carbon dioxide.
  • Thirdly, RODA increasingly use aluminum, thanks to its lightness and built-in sustainability. For instance, aluminum can be infinitely recycled.
  • Lastly, expanded black cork is 100% natural, is harvested and processed through an ecological production which is entirely green.