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OISIDE offer a unique range of future-proof furniture for your outdoor space.

For instance, the products feature timeless modern design, with emphasis on quality, attention to detail and sustainability.

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About OISIDE Products

OISIDE Garden Furniture

OISIDE is a Spanish firm specialising in the design and manufacture of garden furniture, outdoor kitchens and accessories. Moreover, the company’s products feature timeless design and are created for both contract and residential projects.

Significantly, the company is based in Murcia on the Mediterranean where people spend large parts of their lives outdoors on terraces, courtyards and gardens. Consequently, the company take the design and layout of these outdoor spaces very seriously.

For instance, the company produce innovative, sustainable and sophisticated furniture, notable for its clever detailing.

Furniture For The Future

OISIDE conceives collections that look to the future. For example, their products are defined by their timeless aesthetic, durability and quality.

Moreover, the firm strives to develop new finishes and production techniques.  Consequently, this lends greater resistance to the materials and upholstery used in their collections, which are entirely made in Spain.

Importantly, hard wearing furniture avoids unnecessary waste and the consumption of finite resources. What’s more, the majority of materials can ultimately become part of a recycled productive chain at the end of their life span.

Moreover, OISIDE timber products exclusively use FSC certified iroko. For instance, this is your guarantee that the hardwood has been responsibly and sustainably sourced and processed.


Collaborating closely with leading architects and designers, OISIDE have developed an extensive range of products suitable for most outdoor spaces.

For instance, the firm’s range includes stylish outdoor lounge furniture, exterior dining sets and poolside furniture. Significantly, the collection also includes the company’s flagship OICOOK outdoor kitchen, which is notable for its versatility and luxury materials.

Lastly, OISIDE also offer a unique range of garden accessories, including planters and outdoor lanterns for accessorizing your outdoor space.