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Conmoto Fire

You can buy Conmoto modern fireside accessories online here. Including stylish designer ethanol fires and contemporary German fireside accessories. Available to order online with free UK / EU mainland delivery.

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About Conmoto Fire Products

Conmoto fireside accessories are defined by their minimalist design and exceptional quality. Conmoto is based in northwest Germany and was founded in the late 1990’s by Johannes Wagner. They became our first European supplier back in 2000.

From its inception, Conmoto has worked with leading German and Italian designers. Conmoto’s designers include:

  • Peter Maly
  • Michael Sieger
  • Fried Ulber
  • Karsten Gollnick
  • Günter Matten
  • Marco Ferreri

Fireplace Accessories

Conmoto Fire consists of a selection of fireside accessories and ethanol fireplaces. Choose from contemporary companion sets, modern stainless steel fire tools, minimalist log storage units, and stylish fire dogs and andirons.

Uniquely, Conmoto Fire offers a portable ethanol fire – truly a statement piece to add to your garden or outdoor area.