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Royal Botania Garden Furniture

Royal Botania Garden Furniture …

With so many options on the market,  where to start with furnishing your outdoor space? Royal Botania are one of Europe’s leading providers of luxury garden furniture. Significantly, the company’s products are notable for their outstanding contemporary design and highest quality materials. Moreover, their product portfolio includes extensive garden sofa and outdoor dining set options. What’s more, you will also find exclusive ranges of modern sun loungers and outdoor bar furniture to bring the finishing touch to your poolside or garden. Lastly, the collection also features unique garden parasols, outdoor accessories & exterior lighting to bring comfort and style outdoors. Consequently, you’re sure to find just the right furniture option. Moreover, you’ll have the peace of mind that you have invested in the very best materials, cutting-edge craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Outdoor Sofas

A luxury garden sofa provides the same comfort & style that you’d expect from a high-end indoor sofa. Moreover, Royal Botania’s sofas are available in a wide range of formats for you to choose from.

What Are The Options?

For instance, you can specify individual Zenhit teak garden sofa & lounge chairs through to a sleek Alura Lounge outdoor corner sofa, available in your choice of exterior fabrics. What’s more, Royal Botania garden sofas are available in a range of styles too. For instance, Organix modern garden sofa has amorphous design inspired by the natural world. Moreover, Organix sofa modules are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Consequently, this enables you to create a myriad of exciting outdoor lounge configurations to perfectly suit your space. Next, Ninix outdoor sofa is one of Royal Botania’s perennial favourites and features cool minimalist design. Moreover, you can specify Ninix furniture as individual sofas or create a striking garden corner sofa. Importantly, modular garden sofas perhaps reach their zenith with the 2022 arrival of Styletto. For instance, you can configure Styletto outdoor lounge set to create individual garden sofas or a cool corner sofa. Moreover, you can also incorporate an adjustable chaise longue or ottoman into your Styletto garden sofa set. What’s more, you can specify the sofa’s upholstery in a dazzling range of highest quality outdoor fabrics. Next, Mozaix sofa features linear styling designed around grid bases. For instance, you can create single sofas or corner sofas, whilst also using chic glazed tiles to set within the Mozaix grids, thus creating a unique outdoor table. What’s more, you can choose your Mozaix sofa with either hardwood or powder coated aluminium bases.

Garden Lounge Chairs

Lastly, if you want to mix things up a little bit, you can add additional garden lounge chairs to your outdoor sofa set. For example, lounge chair options include Exes, Samba and Folia.

Garden Dining Furniture

Royal Botania outdoor dining sets are available in a range of sizes, finishes and formats, so you’re sure to find your perfect garden table and chairs. What’s more, the last couple of years have seen some really exciting developments and additions to the company’s outdoor furniture portfolio.

Oval & Elliptical Garden Tables

For instance, you no longer have to choose from just circular or rectangular tables. Significantly, many Royal Botania tables are now available in elliptical and oval formats. For instance, many clients appreciate these table shapes as they enhance every guest’s conviviality. Moreover, you can specify Exes, Styletto and Conix tables with circular, oval or elliptical table tops.

Ceramic Dining Tables

You can add serious wow factor to your outdoor table by specifying a ceramic table top. For instance, Royal Botania tables are available in an exciting range of solid colour or marble-effect ceramics. Significantly, you’d have to be a geologist to notice that the marble-effect ceramic is not real stone. Moreover, marble ceramic options include Bianco Statuario, Nero Marquina, Travertine, Ceppo Dolomitica, Terra Sabbia and Terra Marrone. Importantly, the ceramics introduce a touch of serious luxury to any outdoor space. Moreover, the ceramics are practical too. For instance, ceramic is UV, stain, temperature and scratch-resistant, and is also non-porous. Lastly, most of Royal Botania’s dining tables are optionally available in ceramic, including Ninix, Taboela and U-nite rectangular & square tables.

Concrete Garden Tables

The Conix range includes the option to specify a concrete table top finish. What’s more, the concrete tables are available in circular, elliptical and oval formats. Moreover, Conix table features a pedestal base. Significantly, the pedestal base not only looks very cool, but also frees-up more leg room around the table. Lastly, you can also specify smaller Conix side tables to accessorise Royal Botania lounge furniture.

Extendable Garden Tables

Extendable dining tables are perfect for quickly and easily opening up at a moment’s notice to accommodate extra guests. For instance, Ninix, Taboela and Zidiz are all optionally available in extending formats.

Folding Garden Tables

Significantly, Royal Botania supply a fold-down garden table that is both stylish and highly practical. Moreover, Traverse folding garden table is available in rectangular and circular formats. Lastly, Traverse table tops are made in plantation teak, whilst you can specify the table base in Black, White or Sand aluminum.

Teak Dining Sets

Teak garden furniture is often associated as the original outdoor furniture of years gone-by. However, teak (Tectona grandis) continues to be a popular material for outdoor furniture. For example, the hardwood is naturally oil-rich, making it highly resistant to rotting and corrosion. Moreover, the timber naturally weathers to a chic silver-grey when left untreated outdoors. Significantly, Royal Botania teak furniture comes in a range of guises including traditional and modern styles. For example, XQI teak dining sets have timeless design that suits both modern and traditional surroundings. What’s more, the XQI range also includes chic teak lounge chairs and an adjustable teak sun lounger. Next, at the other end of the scale, Zenhit teak chair features strong architectural styling that will appeal to the design aficionado. What’s more, both Zidiz and U-nite garden tables are also optionally available with both table top and frame in teak.

Sustainable Teak Furniture

Significantly, Royal Botania established the Green Forest Plantation Company in 2011. For example, this created a plantation with a surface area of approximately 200 hectares/ 500 acres. Moreover, between 2011 and 2014, over 250,000 teak trees were planted within the plantation, which are currently thriving. Importantly, is Royal Botania’s mission to ensure future generations will also be able to harvest and appreciate this natural treasure. For instance, by creating a sustainable business model based upon regenerative forest growth, the company is able to produce finely crafted outdoor furniture with reduced environmental impact.

Garden Dining Chairs

One of the joys of the Royal Botania furniture collection is the versatility of their garden chairs. For instance, many of the garden chairs can be used with different styles of garden table. For instance, Folia dining chair features organically inspired design and harmoniously combines with the simple lines of many Royal Britanica tables. Secondly, some clients like the strength of stainless steel garden chairs such as Ninix and QT garden chair. Moreover, you can also specify these same chairs in powder coated aluminium. Significantly, aluminium garden chairs are also strong and weather resistant. For example, additional aluminium chair options include Jive garden chair and Alura stacking chair.

Low Dining Furniture

Royal Botania are often ahead of the curve and 2022 is no exception. Significantly, the company have this year included the Zenhit low dining chair. For example, the low dining concept is a hybrid of lounge and dining furniture, inviting more comfort and conviviality. Moreover, many of Royal Botania’s tables are optionally available in a low dining height too.

Royal Botania Sun Loungers

Drift in and out of a summer’s doze or enjoy taking time-out to read your favourite novel around the pool. Significantly, Royal Botania sunbeds come in a range of styles and materials for you to choose from. For instance, Styletto and Calypso are upholstered sunbeds with offers peak comfort. Next, Alura & Ninix sun loungers are available in a range of finishes, and both feature Batyline fabric seat and back. Significantly, Batyline is a patented outdoor fabric which is UV, stain and mildew-resistant. What’s more, the fabric has a comfortable bounce to it too. Lastly, all Royal Botania loungers are adjustable, and many are also fitted with wheels for your convenience too.

Garden Daybeds

Garden daybeds enable you to create a haven of relaxation and shade outdoors. What’s more, you can relax in optimum style with the offerings from Royal Botania. For instance, Organix daybed is fully upholstered and can be combined with the Organix sofa collection. Moreover, you can optionally install a parasol to escape the sun’s harsh rays. Secondly, Lotus teak daybed features distinctive upholstered webbing on its back, and is also optionally available with a parasol. Lastly, draw the blinds down around Cabana outdoor daybed to create ultimate intimacy. What’s more Cabana is fitted as standard with a fabric ceiling to envelope you in privacy and shade.

Outdoor Bar Furniture

Getting together to share a drink with family and friends is fun and easy with Royal Botania. For example, the company offer a range of garden bar sets including Ninix and XQI which feature both bar tables and bar stools. Secondly, certain collections also include bar stools, including Calypso and Alura.


Royal Botania provide a range of different shading options to keep you comfortable and cool in the outdoors. For instance, Shady is a classic teak parasol which is solidly made in highest quality materials. What’s more, Shady mast parasol is also optionally available with a stainless steel mast. Next, both Oazz and Palma parasols feature an automatic canopy opening and closing system. What’s more, both parasols are notable for their chic modern design. For instance, Palma parasol won the distinguished Red Dot Design award for its fancy design. Lastly, the range of luxury shade includes Shady X-Centric cantilever parasol. Significantly, this large cantilever parasol is perfect for shading large dining and lounge areas, where a regular mast parasol might get in the way.

Garden Lighting

As dusk falls, it’s time to bring your outdoor space alive with light. Significantly, Royal Botania garden lighting is available in a wide range of formats. For instance, the collection includes stylish exterior wall lights such as Dome Wall. Secondly, you can illuminate garden planting and outdoor features with garden spike lights including Bullet. Lastly, bring the cosiness and conviviality of your living room outdoors with a chic outdoor standard lamp such as Club.