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Doble Modern Outdoor Table

Doble Modern Outdoor Table

Looking to buy a modern garden table that will withstand both the elements and the test of time? FueraDentro‘s Doble outdoor table is  one of our oldest and most popular designs, and for good reason.

For instance, this unique garden furniture boasts timeless simplicity and good looks that will be appreciated all year-round, whatever the weather. What’s more, you can specify the table’s premium quality materials in a variety of tempting finishes.

Moreover, you can see all colour finishes, sizes and prices for Doble table by clicking here.


Doble table is part of the CIMA collection, an extensive range of modern garden furniture designed by Henk Steenbakkers. Moreover, the collection is notable for its outstanding minimalist design, and Doble table is no exception.

Firstly, the Doble’s linear table top rests on top of 2 inset pedestal legs. Importantly, the pedestal legs not only look fantastic, but also enable exceptional access to the table from all sides.

Moreover, each pedestal is discreetly fitted with 4 solid stainless steel self-levelling feet. Significantly, the feet enable you to install the table on uneven surfaces. What’s more, the feet are a nice design detail too.

Finish Options

You can specify Doble’s pedestal legs in a range of finishes, including;

  • EP (electro-polished, recommended for marine environments) stainless steel
  • brushed stainless steel
  • white, cendre (taupe) or black powder coated stainless steel
  • bespoke RAL colours are also available on demand

Next, you can specify Doble’s table top in an a range of stunning finishes. For instance, these include;

  • Belgian bluestone (also widely used for kerb stones and window sill in the Netherlands & Belgium). The stone is in fact a dark grey, not blue.
  • plantation teak.
  • a range of modern ceramics, including striking marble-effects and solid single colours.
  • coloured toughened glass.


Significantly, Doble is ideal for a wide range of outdoor spaces, both large and small. For example, you can specify the table in sizes of;

  • 160 x 80cm
  • 180 x 90cm
  • 240 x 80cm
  • 270 x 90cm
  • 300 x 100cm

Chair Options

Lastly, Doble table harmoniously combines with a range of FueraDentro chairs, including;

Suitable for Many Projects

Doble modern design garden tables are ideal for both modern and more traditional surroundings. Indeed, this is due to the table’s simple modern design. For example, we have installed Doble table in;

Material Matters

FueraDentro furniture is notable for its timeless modern design. Significantly, the furniture’s high quality materials ensure that the furniture will provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment. What’s more, these same materials require minimum upkeep, and many are also 100% recyclable at the end of their long life too!

Stainless Steel

Firstly, stainless steel is the material of choice for Doble table’s pedestal legs and table top sub frame. Importantly, the material is;

  • strong
  • highly resistant to corrosion
  • easy to wipe-down and clean
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its long life


Importantly, FueraDentro carefully monitor all teak to confirm its origin, legality and sustainability. What’s more, FueraDentro has undertaken to give back more to the environment than it uses.

For example, FueraDentro’s parent company founded the Green Forest Plantation Company in 2010. Significantly, the company subsequently created a plantation with a surface area of about 200 hectares (i.e. 500 acres).

Moreover, the Green Forest Plantation Company planted over 250,000 teak trees there between 2011 and 2014.


You can browse a striking range of ceramic finishes for Doble’s table top. For example, options range from breathtaking marble-effect finishes through to single colour finishes. Significantly, the ceramic is;

  • strong
  • UV, scratch and weather-resistant
  • non-porous
  • easy to wipe down and clean

Belgian Bluestone

Lastly, Doble’s optional Belgian bluestone provides unique character and charm. What’s more, the stone is completely weather and temperature-resistant.

FueraDentro Furniture

The CIMA collection was the first range to be launched by the young design furniture label based on the Prinsengracht Canal in the heart of Amsterdam. This extensive range of clean and aesthetically pleasing modern design garden furniture now includes;

One of the images kindly supplied by Charlotte Rowe Garden Design.