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Modern Garden Furniture 2020 Trends

Modern Garden Furniture 2020 Trends …

The new decade is upon us, and we’re delighted to introduce exciting new ranges of modern garden furniture for your comfort. Offering furniture for relaxing whilst appreciating aesthetic qualities. Although linear modern design remains popular, more organic and geometric design garden furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Introducing our new 2020 modern garden dining sets , stylish corner sofas and outdoor daybeds. Perfect for spending quality time outdoors with family and friends outdoors.

Modern Garden Dining Sets

Exes is a new collection of modern garden dining furniture designed by Kris Van Puyvelde. Designing, exclusively for Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture company. Exes garden dining chair is reminiscent of the archetypal director chair, and has strong architectural design. Featuring elegantly tapered aluminium legs which enhance the chair’s stylish aesthetic. Royal Botania’s Exes outdoor chair offers perfect ergonomic comfort and support, and is available in a range of colour finishes.

Exes garden dining tables feature the same tapered leg, and the tables are available as elliptical & oval garden tables.  Not only do they look fantastic but also ensure utmost conviviality for your guests. furthermore, you can also specify Exes garden dining tables in circular and rectangular formats. The organic design of Exes garden dining table also works perfectly with Folia outdoor chairs. Folia chairs  have a design evoking veins of a leaf. Moreover, the naturally inspired design harmoniously works with the organic form of Exes elliptical and oval garden tables.

Royal Botania’s Conix Table

Conix is another range of modern garden tables created by Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture company. Boasting distinctive pedestal legs, Conix outdoor dining tables have strong architectural design – perfect for use with Exes garden chairs. Interestingly, you can choose from elliptical and oval garden tables, as well as rectangular, circular or square.

Conix has conical pedestal bases in cast concrete, with table top in concrete. Alternatively, an alluring range of solid colour ceramics or stunning marble-effect ceramics can also be specified. This garden table collection also includes a stylish range of side tables and low tables. Naturally, all Conix modern garden dining sets are made in all-weather furniture materials. Reassuringly, this ensures you can appreciate the table’s design throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Zidiz Table

Royal Botania’s Zidiz is now also available as an oval garden dining table. The elliptical garden table measures 3.2 m in length, and comfortably seats 10.

Jive & U-Nite

More naturally inspired colour themes are definitely de rigeur for 2020. Royal Botania’s Jive garden dining chair and U-NITE garden table are available in a wide range of colour finishes, including Sand. This colour finish is timeless and neutral. Sand tones with a wide variety of planting schemes and surrounding hard-landscaping materials. Striking marble-effect ceramics for U-NITE’s table top to enhance the organic look and feel are also available to choose from.

Cane-Line’s Blend Chair

With its tubular construction, Cane-line’s Blend modern outdoor chair is evocative of painted cane garden furniture. Blend garden dining chair’s tub-style back and arms offer perfect support. Despite appearances, the chair is actually made in powder coated aluminium, which is strong and light, making it perfect for luxury garden furniture.

Modern Garden Sofas & Outdoor Lounge Sets

Hot afternoons and balmy evenings of relaxing outdoors with family and friends are just around the corner. We have a wide range of modern garden sofas and outdoor lounge furniture to whet your appetite!


With its irregular amoeba-like forms, Organix modern garden sofa draws inspiration from the natural world. The luxury garden sofa is available in a range of different sizes, to which you can add back rests wherever you desire. Organix sofas can be used individually or with their indented form can be grouped together to form a modular garden sofa. The collection also includes a range of low tables and side tables which share the same irregular form as that of the sofas. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of high quality garden furniture fabrics. Thus, upholstering your Organix luxury garden sofa and tailoring it to your exact desires.


Cane-line’s Nest garden sofas draw inspiration from natural cane furniture. Nest outdoor lounge furniture is made in polypropylene extrusions. These extrusions have a natural look and feel just like real cane furniture. The polypropylene structure is strong, light and UV-resistant, making it perfect for luxury outdoor furniture. Nest outdoor cane sofa collection includes a 2 seat sofa and lounge chair, as well as a circular lounge chair. What’s more, cushions are fitted with QuickDry foam. Moisture is quickly dispersed from the cushion, leaving it ready to use again in no time at all.

Peacock Wing

2020 also sees the launch of Peacock Wing, an exuberant range of modern garden sofas and outdoor lounge furniture. Designed by FOERSOM & HIORT-LORENZEN MDD for Cane-line. Peacock Wing outdoor lounge furniture has irregular fluid lines that make a statement in any outdoor space. Offering, with its unique shape, fantastic ergonomic comfort and support. Peacock Wing collection includes a 2 seat garden sofa and a matching garden lounge chair. Either can be used alone or combined with Cane-line’s existing Peacock outdoor lounge furniture.

Peacock garden sofas and lounge chairs have body hand-woven in SoftRope. SoftRope is a man-made fibre which has a natural look and feel. Cane-Line’s Peacock garden sofas are also optionally available for 2020 in Natural-effect Cane-line Weave. This a polypropylene extrusion with a natural look – which is UV and weather-proof.

Todus’ Baza Lounge

Baza modern garden lounge chairs – designed by Studio Segers – have inviting curvaceous form. This stainless steel garden furniture collection also includes Baza modular sofa. Baza Lounge can be arranged into a wide variety of configurations tailored to your desires.

Todus’s Baza collection of outdoor lounge furniture also includes the Baza modern garden daybed, an alluring outdoor day bed with trendy modern design, made in high quality garden furniture materials.

Modern Garden Daybeds

Luxury outdoor furniture specialists Royal Botania have launched the Lotus modern garden daybed for 2020. Lotus has a naturally inspired design, evocative of a centipede with its multiple teak legs. Boasting hand-woven back and seat cushion in high quality outdoor furniture cushion fabric. What’s more, the fabric is available in a wide range of finishes. You can also fit one of Royal Botania’s quality teak parasols to Lotus, creating a shady and cosy outdoor hideaway.