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Make the days last longer with patio heaters

Extend your Evenings

With British summertime now here, many homeowners are expanding the use of their property and spending more time outdoors. Indeed, extended hours of daylight are offering earlier starts and longer evenings. Therefore, allowing us to enjoy the fresh air and the warm rays of the sun for longer. Consequently, we are wanting the fun to continue at sunset when the world grows dark and a little chillier.

Fortunately, products like patio heaters have been specially developed to make sure we appreciate being outdoors, moreover, enjoying the company of friends and family for some extra hours. Indeed, the first patio heaters were often noisy, bulky, and unkind to the environment. However, today luxury patio heaters are stylish, discreet and use far greener methods to operate than ever before.

Significantly, This blog looks at luxury Dome patio heaters and how they can help you party on into the long summer nights.

Setting the scene for summer

When the sun goes down, electric dome patio heaters ensure your outdoor areas remain warm and bright. Delivering both cosy warmth and illumination, these contemporary offer ease of use and are exceptionally configurable. Fitted with a dimmable lamp, Dome heaters allow users to set their ideal temperature and lighting. This, creating the perfect atmosphere for their outdoor soirees. Providing an excellent option for the summer months, they can add comfort and enjoyment outside to cooler times of the year too – day and night

Patio heaters designed for all occasions and locations

Dome heaters are exceptional for outdoor, home parties. Although stylishly designed, these are also very robust making them suitable for a wide range of hospitality projects. Black or white are the standard finishes. Moreover, a selection of RAL colours are optionally available to suit individual tastes. They can enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces and match different garden decors. Adding optional weights may be necessary for heaters in windy areas. Additionally, using using height extensions raise them for guests preferring to stand.

Accessories for patio heaters

Those planning an outdoor gathering in the UK will be happy to hear the heaters are prepared for unpredictable weather. Designed to be hardwearing and endure the elements, users can also accessorise their dome heater with a protective cover.

For those adding music to their party, you. an order the optional Bluetooth Music system. High-quality speakers are cleverly concealed within the base of the Dome heater. Bringing your party to life with the music you love couldn’t be easier.

Eco-friendlier ways to heat your patio

If you’re looking for a luxury patio heater, Heatsail’s products are offering innovative options, designed with the environment in mind. The company’s Dome patio heater combines a modern yet timeless aesthetic and ingenious FAR-infrared technology that uses exceptionally low-emissions heating elements.

At Encompasso, we supply solutions from leading brands like Heatsail that have earned a reputation for design excellence. To get set for your next garden get-together and impress your guests, browse our hand-selected ranges today or get in touch with our team with specific product questions.