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Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trends

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trends

It’s often said that things go “full circle”, and so it would seem for modern garden furniture trends too. For example, gone are the linear minimalist lines of recent times, often to be replaced today with more natural forms and organically inspired finishes.

However, what remains constant are the demands for luxurious comfort, tactile materials & chic finishes. Indeed, it’s safe to say that high-end exterior furniture suppliers are forever looking to out-gun one-another when it comes to opulent comfort & timeless sophisticated style.

Importantly, the hustle-bustle & pace of modern-day life means that customers demand functionality, performance & longevity from their garden furniture. Consequently, manufacturers are always looking for new and pioneering ways to maximise quality, whilst also at the same time ensuring that their products require minimum maintenance.

Sleek Teak Furniture

Although teak furniture never went away, we’re now seeing this stylish & durable material being used in new and increasingly creative ways. Moreover, manufacturers are applying innovative styling to this highly prized material. For instance,  designers currently often draw inspiration from mid-century Scandinavian furniture, as well as other sources of creativity.

  • For instance, Royal Botania’s Mambo Lounge features curvaceous vertical teak profiles which contrast the furniture’s flat horizontal surfaces. What’s more, you can configure the different elements of this beautiful garden sofa to create a myriad of lavish lounge arrangements, finished in a myriad of tactile outdoor fabrics.
  • Secondly, with its slim teak profiles & chunky upholstery, Cane-line’s Sticks sofa & lounge chair also “gives a nod” to designs of yesteryear. Moreover, we think Sticks’ timeless elegance and indulgent comfort will make this furniture a popular favourite for many years to come.
  • Once again, circular profiles & flat surface meet again with RODA Orson teak director chair. Needless to say, Italian company RODA have given Orson’s design a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Consequently, this folding teak garden chair is the very epitome of contemporary style, as well as being exceptionally practical!
  • Next, Gloster Deck luxury garden lounge furniture celebrates teak in all its glory. What’s more, Deck teak sofa’s design alludes to nautical origins, thanks to the furniture’s planked teak construction which is reminiscent of a yacht’s deck. Moreover, this striking garden furniture comes supplied with plump cushions, upholstered in a range of luxury outdoor fabrics. Lastly, you can configure Deck’s expansive lounge modules to create your own island of comfort & relaxation.
  •  Lastly, Acri teak garden sofa set features retro-inspired design by Jati & Kebon. For instance, Acri’s rounded teak bases and the furniture’s skillfully hand-woven acrylic rope backs have a modern look and feel, whilst also recognising more traditional design roots.

Eye-Catching Organic Design Garden Furniture

Many perceive Mother Nature to provide the ultimate foundation for humanity’s spiritual happiness & wellbeing. Moreover, nature’s evolution over millions of years has perfected the very essence of design. Consequently, it’s no surprise that designers of luxury garden furniture look to the natural world for inspiration for both product design, as well as materials & finishes.

  • For example, Ostrea garden chairs feature outstanding contemporary design by Mathias De Ferm. Significantly, the arresting design of Ostrea chair’s back is a study of the scalloped form of an oyster shell. What’s more, the chair’s meticulously engineered stainless steel tube back is carefully contoured, ensuring exceptional comfort and uniquely satisfying aesthetic form. Moreover, you can specify Ostrea as a regular dining chair, a low dining chair or a high bar chair. Importantly, you can choose from a range of colour finishes, including organically inspired colours such as; Sand, Mushroom, Pebble, White, Anthracite or Bronze.
  • Secondly, the structural transparence of Cane-line Hive lounge chair gives the furniture a light & airy feel. Moreover, you can specify Hive lounge chair with a high or low back, as well as a swing seat version too. Importantly, Hive chair’s construction appears to be natural cane. However, Hive instead uses Cane-line Weave, a man-made PE extrusion which is also fully recyclable.
  • Next, the organic form of Blow low tables features a sophisticated glazed finish, available in a seductive range of finishes. Moreover, the warm hues of Blow’s teak table top harmoniously blend with the stylish glazed finish of the base.

Spectacular Ceramic Tables

Lastly, many of our luxury brands supply their outdoor dining and occasional tables with tops in ceramic. Importantly, ceramic is incredibly hardwearing, making it ideal for exterior use.

What’s more, you can specify durable & easy to clean material in solid colours, including;

  • Cement grey
  • Taupe
  • Black
  • White

Moreover, recent years have seen the introduction of marble-effect ceramics that are simply stunning. For example, marble-effect ceramics include;

  • Bianco statuario
  • Nero Marquina
  • Travertino
  • Ceppo dolomitica
  • Terra sabbia
  • Terra marrone

Significantly, you can combine these enchanting table surfaces with frame and legs in teak, or powder coated colour finishes, including;

  • Sand
  • Pebble
  • Anthracite
  • Mushroom
  • Bronze
  • White
  • Taupe
  • and many more.

For example, our most popular ceramic garden tables include;

  • Royal Botania U-NITE, which is available in rectangular, circular & square formats.
  • RODA Plein Air, an architectural dining table in rectangular & square formats.
  • FueraDentro Doble Slim, an unusual ceramic garden table with inset column legs.
  • Cane-line Glaze, a circular garden dining table with organically formed pedestal base and table top in captivating ceramic.

Decadent Outdoor Furniture

Lastly, on the other end of the design spectrum, we also offer a range of flamboyant garden furniture that will add glamour & theatre to your outdoor space. For example, expect opulent & decadent finishes such as gold plate and clear acrylic which are more often to be found indoors.

  • Myface Houdini garden sofas, lounge chairs, daybeds and low tables have a unique construction in clear acrylic cylinders and powder coated aluminium, finished in the colour of your choice. Significantly, you can specify the furniture’s stainless steel accents, fixtures and fittings in a striking range of plated stainless steel, even including a gold plate option. Lastly, complete the look, choosing your upholstery from a broad range of luxurious outdoor fabrics.