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Luxury Fountains & Water Features

Luxury Fountains & Water Features

Luxury fountains & water features are a timeless & stylish way to enhance any outdoor space, large or small.


For example, a fountain is aesthetically pleasing in itself, providing a unique & welcoming focal point on a driveway or back garden.

Moreover, the peaceful sound of water induces relaxation & tranquility, as well as reducing anxiety & stress. What’s more, running water can improve air quality and also attract wildlife! With these benefits, what’s not to like about water features & fountains!?

Large Fountain Specialists

Geoffs Garden Ornaments Ltd is a family run business dedicated to the design and production of high quality garden ornaments. Significantly, the company specialises in large garden water fountains and water features.

For example, Geoffs Garden Ornaments have spent many years developing and obsessively fine-tuning their range of fountains to perfection. What’s more, the company’s products are hand-made in the Chichester, West Sussex, using highly-skilled artisanal techniques.

Additional Benefits

Moreover, the fountains and water features are;

  • easy to install
  • built to last
  • have a great sound as well as pleasing aesthetics

Importantly, buying direct from the manufacturer ensures that no middle man is involved. Consequently, the customer obtains the best possible price.

Product Range

The company’s extensive range of fountains includes designs for all types of gardens.

For instance, the range includes;

  • traditional stone tiered water fountains
  • large and small fountain designs
  • contemporary and modern water features
  • a new range of light weight composite water fountains