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Garden Swing Seats

Garden Swing Seats …

Insects buzz and swallows scud in the summer sky, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the tranquility of your outdoor space. Significantly, our range of Hanging Garden seats provide unparalleled comfort and unique style. What’s more, the garden swing seats are available in a range of sizes & styles. Moreover, the swing chairs are hand-made in highest quality materials. Consequently, the pods can be appreciated all year-round, whatever the weather. For example, all Bios seat pods provide unique garden sculpture in any outdoor space.

Sofa Swing Seat For 2

Lose yourself in total comfort, lying down or sitting back with your loved one/s, nestled in a luxuriously deep luxury cushion. Importantly, we offer 2 different larger swing sofa sizes that seat up to 2 adults and a child together. Moreover, the sofas swings’ design envelopes you within, creating cosy & intimate privacy. What’s more, the pods’ hand-made lattice work provides welcome shade, whilst letting through gentle dappled light to play within. Lastly, you can hang your swing sofa from the branch of a tree, the beam of a pergola or our custom-made stand.

Bios Hide

For instance, Bios Hide is most popular of our garden swing seats, and for good reason. For example, the pod’s design is reminiscent of a weaver bird’s nest. Next, Hide’s curved contours provide perfect posture for lying back and flopping. What’s more, the luxury cushion reaches neck level, so you are perfectly supported in deep comfort. Lastly, Hide outdoor sofa swing seat is optionally available with a protective cover. Significantly, this enables you to keep the cushion dry inside the pod, whatever the weather.

Bios Alpha

Next, Bios Alpha has a distinctive “Zeppelin” design, and is large-enough for you to lie down in. Moreover, Alpha swing seat pod features the same luxury garden cushion as Hide. Consequently, you’re guaranteed to be cosseted in total comfort, whilst Alpha’s hand-made shell provides welcome shade. Moreover, Alpha is also optionally available with a protective cover to keep your cushion dry.

Smaller Garden Swing Seats

Importantly, the Bios collection of outdoor swing chairs also includes smaller hanging pods to seat an adult and a child together. Moreover, you can suspend your Bios swing chair from the branch of a tree, a pergola beam or our all-weather stand.


Bios Mini is another of our best sellers. For instance, Mini hanging seat pod features a timeless circular design that comfortable suits most surroundings. Moreover, this swing chair seats an adult and a child, and is available with a cosy cushion too.


Next, Bios Lucid features a more “open” design together with an attractive next. What’s more, Lucid is large enough to sit an adult and a child together. Moreover, Lucid’s unique charm provides garden art that everyone will appreciate, whatever the weather.


Bios Nest is the smaller brother to Bios Hide. For instance, both swing seat pods feature design reminiscent of the weaver birds nest. However, Bios Nest is a smaller pod designed to seat an adult and a child together. Moreover, you can throw in the luxury cushion, and you simply won’t want to get out.

High Quality Swing Seat Materials

Bios seat swings are individually hand-made, so no 2 pieces are the same. Consequently, each chair pod is truly unique. Moreover, all materials are designed for a lifetime of comfort, functionality and outdoor use.

Basalt Fibre

Significantly, the entire Bios collection is made in basalt fibre. For example, basalt fibre was originally used in the aerospace industry where it was prized for its lightness and strength. Importantly, basalt fibre is UV and totally weather-resistant, making the pods suitable for use in even the harshest climates anywhere in the world. Next, the pods are finished in a Bullet Liner coating. Significantly, Bullet Liner is a specially developed coating used to protect the underside of trucks and vehicles. Consequently, the coating is UV, scratch and weather-resistant.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Next, Bios cushions are upholstered in either Sunbrella or Panama Agora outdoor fabrics. Importantly, both fabrics are made in 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Moreover, the fabrics are UV and stain resistant as well as water-repellant. Next, the cushions are filled with QuickDry foam. Consequently, the cushions are designed to quickly dry after a rain shower.

Stands for Garden Swing Seats

Bios hanging chair stands are custom-made especially for Unknown Furniture. Significantly, the stands are made in super-strong steel. What’s more, the steel is given a C4 coating which ensures that the stands are resistant to corrosion in even the harshest marine environments. Lastly, the treated steel is given a tough black lacquer coating which is UV and scratch-resistant.

Optional Protective Covers

Lastly, Bios swing chairs are optionally available with a protective cover. Importantly, the covers enable you to keep the cushions inside the pod dry, whatever the weather throws at it. For instance, the covers are made in highest quality Action Arctic fabric. Significantly, the fabric features a Hydrostatic Head of 10,000 mm, which ensures near total water-proofing. Next, the covers are fitted with a bungee bottom to ensure a perfect fit.

Unknown Furniture

Unknown Furniture are designers and creators of magical garden seat pods designed for residential and hospitality use. Moreover, the pods are supplied worldwide, from the harshest Middle Eastern climates through to the icy surroundings of the iconic Blue Lagoon hotel in Iceland. What’s more, we hold most Bios pods here in the UK, ready for immediate delivery. For instance, visit our Ready To Ship webshop to check availability. Moreover, Unknown Furniture collection also includes Bios garden sofa collection.  Lastly, the Unknown collection also includes a magical collection of individual lounge and dining chairs.