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Encompass at Decorex – Many thanks to all of our valued customers who attended Decorex and to those we met there! We had a very positive show and are delighted with the response from both our existing and new clientele.


Conmoto’s Roll modern ethanol fire created quite a stir at this year’s Decorex. Featuring design by Sieger Design, Roll provides warmth and a focal point wherever placed. Moreover,  Roll moves on bearings, but can also be locked in place by simply fitting the optional wall bracket. What’s more, the bracket allow Roll to be wall mounted. Further more,  The 2 glass firescreens are fitted to Roll with magnets, making them easily removeable. Thus, giving quick access to the stainless steel fire chamber. Roll produces approximately 1kw of heat.


The Shell lounge chair boats modern European design by Jan des Bouvrie for FueraDentro, Amsterdam. Shell offers a retro look & feel, and provides supreme comfort (!) The most comfortable collections we have supplied in over 13 years.What’s more, the furniture comes in a range of colours, including the “Cendre” finish shown here. Cenre already proving to be a big hit. Moreover, Shell features high grade electro-polished stainless steel and Batyline fibre. Significantly these are cutting edge materials with exceptional durability. Indeed, even in the most demanding exterior climates, making Shell an ideal choice for both residential and hospitality projects. Further more, also shown is the cute and highly sought after Shell side table in electro polished stainless steel and toughened glass.


Also shown at this year’s Decorex was the Shell garden lounger, offering design for a lifetime of luxurious comfort. What’s more, oversized wheels, shiny electro polished stainless steel and robust batyline fibre enhance the retro design. Woven outdoor furniture can, today generally seen as a little “over the hill”. We are firmly of the opinion that Shell furniture bucks the trend, boasting retro design, superlative comfort and highest quality manufacture!


Conmoto Germany recently announced the buy-out of Italian fire tools company Dimensione Fuoco. The new collection includes a range of fire tools, fire screens, log holders and many other accessories. Indeed, pictured are the Ferro A Fuoco hand-forged iron fire tools. These are availble with a stand, wall mounts or as stand alone pieces. The Dimensione Fuoco collection maintains Italian authenticity, and enhances the distinguished collection of fire tools, stoves and ethanol fires from Conmoto.


Door mats by RiZZ  Pro – Made to Measure door mats reduce dirt coming into your premises by some 80%. The brush profile design works in such a way that dirt isn’t absorbed by the mat, but actually falls through it. Maintenance made simple: roll up the mat and brush away the dirt. What’s more, you can also rinse the mat out every now and then. Significantly, the mats are highly appreciated for the high level of efficacy and user-friendliness. Rizz have now launched their “made to measure” range. Now both the mat and the frame are possible in the shape and size of your choice.


Just like the Shell easy chair and lounger from FueraDentro, Shell dining chairs offer the same exceptional comfort, good looks and durablilty. The dining chair offers such comfort, that your lunch or dinner may well drag on a lot longer than you originally thought! Shell dining tables are available in rectangular and square formats, with electro polished stainless steel frame and toughened glass table top, in black, white or cendre (taupe). Shell dining table tops can also be specified in HPL for contract applications.