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2010 Installations by Encompass

Luxury Garden Furniture

Encompass has had a fantastic year so far, and we wanted to share a few examples of our work. If you’re still deciding on your garden furniture, these examples may provide some inspiration. We currently have good availability on this season’s stock and can offer great deals on orders made soon!


FueraDentro garden furniture has been a highlight. For example, the company’s Cima collection, now in its 6th year, has become one of this year’s best sellers. It offers ultimate comfort, quality, and design with various customization options to suit your needs. Cima Lounge garden sofas, for instance, have been installed in a variety of applications, from city of London rooftop terraces to hotel lobbies and country gardens. Its ability to blend with the surroundings while making a significant impact has made it a popular choice.

Doble Minimalist Outdoor Table

The Doble table exemplifies how different materials can offer versatile installation possibilities while maintaining a consistent design. Whether in ultra-modern or more traditional settings, the Doble table can be both sympathetic and striking. You can choose Doble’s table top in Belgian Blue Stone, Teak, coloured or marble-effect ceramics, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor spaces.

A Place In The Sun?

Remember, we also ship worldwide! Along with being busy in the UK, we have shipped our furniture to many holiday retreats throughout Europe and even catered to hotels in distant locations. Importantly, FueraDentro furniture‘s high-quality materials ensure durability in harsh environments, be it blistering heat or ocean settings. We have the right furniture for any situation.

No matter the style, Encompass provides exceptional garden furniture options that look great in any space.