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Rizz the new standard – white doormat

Rizz the new standard – white doormat

RiZZ “The New Standard” doormat in white powder-coated aluminium.

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RiZZ “The New Standard” – a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing product.

Significantly, stopping 80% more dirt than a regular door mat, the tough nylon brushes clean deep into the shoe profile.

Moreover, available in 3 different sizes, RiZZ “The New Standard” mats are available in 6 stylish, highest quality finishes, including;

  • 1. silver aluminium,
  • 2. silver aluminium/teak inlay,
  • 3. anthracite aluminium,
  • 4. anthracite aluminium/teak inlay,
  • 5. white aluminium,
  • 6. white aluminium /teak inlay.

Inovative technology

This innovative brush mat meets a so far unsatisfied need; never before has there been a brush mat which so rigorously tackles dirt being walked into the home. Thus. the nylon brushes clean deep into the shoe profile.

Indeed, stopping 80% more dirt than a conventional door mat, RiZZ “The New Standard” mat profile works in such a way that dirt isn’t absorbed into the mat, but actually falls through it. Further more, simply lifting the mat, allows you to simply hoover, brush or hose the dirt away.

This result is that RiZZ “The New Standard” requires very little maintenance and it keeps on doing its job time and again, year after year.

The underside of the mat features an anti-slip layer. Thus, preventing the mat from slipping and sliding. Moreover, the super strong nylon brushes are held in a stainless steel frame, which in turn is held in a synthetic body.