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Heatsail Dome Modern Electric Terrace Heater

Heatsail Dome Modern Electric Terrace Heater

Heatsail Dome modern electric terrace heater features design from Belgium, where a great tradition of outdoor entertaining remains strong, whatever the weather.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs.

Up until recently, options for patio and terrace heaters were somewhat limited. Indeed, very few products were both functional and also aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, electric heaters have overtaken gas patio heaters in popularity due to lower running costs and as people become more environmentally aware.

State of the art Technology

Featuring timeless contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology, Dome heater finally ticks all the boxes.

Heatsail Dome patio heater boasts the latest infra red electric heating technology. Significantly, 5 times more efficient than standard gas outdoor heaters, with zero emissions. Infra red heat gently warms like the rays of the sun within a 5m diametre. Moreover,  heater’s 2 heat settings are easily controlled with the supplied remote control.

Freestanding or Suspended

Heatsail Dome modern electric terrace heater comes as a free-standing cantilever version (Heatsail Dome Bow) and as an outdoor ceiling heater (Heatsail Dome Pendant). With their built-in light, Dome Bow and Dome Pendant are all-in-one outdoor heaters and lamps. Again, easily controlled and dimmable with the remote control.

Bluetooth Music and Other Options

Heatsail Dome Bow Bow cantilever patio heater can optionally come with Bluetooth music, extending your possibilities for outdoor entertaining. Both Dome Bow and Dome Pendant modern electric patio heaters  in either black or white as standard. However, the inside of the heating hood always comesin gold to radiate the heater’s rays. Alternatively, Heatsail Dome contemporary patio heaters are available in other RAL colours on request.

Boasting stylish looks and unbeatable functionality and economy, Heatsail Dome modern electric patio heaters are ideal for use in private gardens and terraces. More over, they are perfectly suited for outdoor areas in hotels, restaurants, bars, smoking areas and many other projects.