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Carver Chairs

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Zenhit low outdoor dining chair shown with Styletto low dining table is a versatile teak garden chair & comfy exterior lounge chair by Royal Botania modern teak furniture.

Lounge Comfort Meets Dining Conviviality

Zenhit Low Dining Chair

Zenhit Low dining chair is a fusion of lounge and dining furniture. Moreover, the chair's snug & deep upholstery is evocative of lounge furniture, whilst the concept maintains the conviviality of regular dining furniture.

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Carver Chairs

Carver Chairs

One of life’s great yet simple pleasures is to wine and dine on a summer’s day with family and friends in the privacy of your garden.

What’s more, our carver chairs provide superb comfort and maximum support in all the right places.

For instance, a good garden armchair has excellent back and seat posture, whilst importantly enabling you to conveniently rest your arms on the chair’s armrests.

Garden Armchair Options

Moreover, we offer a wide range of garden armchairs, available in a wide range of formats. Consequently, you’re just a couple of clicks away from finding your perfect garden dining chair.

For instance, carver chair formats include;

  • stacking carver chairs
  • folding armchairs
  • bistro chairs
  • cantilever chairs with arms
  • tub chairs
  • upholstered garden chairs
  • textelene garden chairs with which require no cushion

All-Weather Chair Materials

Next, decide which materials and colour way would best work in your surroundings.

Moreover, our range of chairs use all-weather materials which require little to no maintenance. For instance, garden chair materials include;

  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • plantation teak
  • plantation iroko
  • Batyline synthetic mesh
  • solution-dyed acrylic
  • polypropylene

Importantly, all the above high quality materials will provide a lifetime of comfort, practicality and aesthetic pleasure.

Moreover, the stainless steel, aluminium & polypropylene are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life.


Significantly, all of our hardwood carver chairs feature teak or iroko cultivated in plantations. Consequently, the hardwood is produced to comply with high environmental and socioeconomic standards.

Moreover, some of our brands exclusively use FSC hardwood, which is produced and and finished to the very highest international sustainability and socioeconomic welfare standards.

Next, the aluminium and stainless steel used in many of our armchairs is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life. Consequently, the material can re-enter the production process, thus minimizing waste.