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Ocean Master MAX Crescent – superior quality parasol by Tucci – Miami, USA.

Sweeping curves of the Crescent MAX parasol capture the eye and reach further than ever before with TUUCI’s exclusive new “V-MAX” ™ stru design. This contemporary interpretation of a classic French Riviera beach parasol is highlighted with wrought aluminium struts and classic TUUCI canopy tailoring to create a luxurious shade oasis in any environment. Innovation at every curve.

TUUCI’s technology thrusts have yielded important advancements in counter-wind force engineering found exclusively on the Ocean Master MAX collection. TUUCI’s new “V MAX” ™ strut design features a four-point profile which concentrates strength along the radial walls at precisely the positions where maximum wind-forces are applied. The “V-MAX” ™ struts’ radically superior engineering reduces weight and provides a multi-faceted polished exterior for refined design appeal.


Polish Titanium Marine-Grade Finish
V-MAX Reinforced Strut Design
5/15 year Limited Warranty
Precision Milled Aluminium Components
Easy-Drive Crank/ Telescoping and Marine Pulley Systems Available