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Travelmate contemporary design bio fuel fireplace by Studio Vertijet for Conmoto. Modern German design flueless ethanol fireplace is a Red Dot Design award winner fireplace that’s designed for portability, looking very much like an attache case. Ideal for use in the modern garden and home, Travelmate is also optionally available with a stand.

Bio-alcohol fireplaces from Conmoto produce a decorative flame, and 1KW of heat. On these pages you will find a unique range of purist modern design bio-alcohol fires, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Conmoto modern and contemporary design bio-alcohol stoves require no chimney or flue connection, making them ideal for interior city living, or alternatively out in the garden where a real flame becomes a focal point for an evening outdoors, with no complications. The height of the flame can be adjusted by opening or closing the doors of the bio-alcohol burning chamber. Ethanol bio-alcohol produces a beautiful and long lasting yellowish red flame, and has no additives and is odourless.

This range of modern, contemporary design bio-alcohol fires has been elaborated by some of Europe’s best known designers, including Schweiger &Vierebl, Peter Maly, Studio Aisslinger, Carsten Gollnick, Sebastian David Buscher, Studio Vertijet and Sieger Design.

Bio-fuel stoves such as Conmoto Travelmate are portable, and suitable for both exterior and interior use. Instantly recognisable as a portable device, the Travelmate automatically conveys the notion that it is not bound to one place.

Dots modern design bio-fuel fireplace becomes a piece of furniture with its’ accompanying seat dots, again suitable for exterior or interior use.

For the modern design purists, the Conmoto Loungefire bio-alcohol fireplace is modular, allowing you to build your own Loungefire shelf system, with the added beauty of a real flame.

Should you simply want to obtain the simple and timeless appearance of a hearth alive with flickering flame, Conmoto Quadro bio-alcohol fire is a simple alternative to a real log or coal fireplace.

Conmoto bio-alcohol fireplaces are created by leading German designers, and are made in the highest quality materials. The collection of contemporary ethanol fires are available in a several different colour finishes and specifications, and are suitable for use in modern homes and gardens,  in addition to restaurants, hotels, spas, super yachts and cruise ships.