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Modern garden dining tables, contemporary low outdoor tables by Coro. Minimalist modern garden dining tables, outdoor dining chairs by Italian design company Coro

Wide range of rectangular, square and circular modern garden dining tables in high quality marine grade satin stainless steel, with tables tops in layered laminate or polyurethane slats in different colours, suitable for year-round exterior-interior use.

Table sizes include;

255 L x 90 W x 73 H cm

210 L x 90 W x 73 H cm

180 L x 90 W x 73 H cm

150 L x 150 W x 73 H cm

135 L x 135 W x 73 H cm

150 Diam x 73 H cm

135 Diam x 73 H cm

90/70 cm2 x 378 H mm

90/70 cm diam x 378 Hmm

Encompass supply extensive ranges of modern garden furniture for private homes and gardens, hotels, spas, superyachts and cruise ships.