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Roshults modern garden shower, designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle

The pool area or the outdoor lounge, requires a stylish shower. Equipped with a baseplate made of beautiful teak. Lovely rain effect from the perforated overlying profile. Easy to connect via standard connection.

Roshults modern garden shower is made in teak & stainless steel, ensuring a long and low maintenance life.

Roshults: Luxury Lifestyle For Indoor And Outdoor living

The sophisticated moment, stylish looks, physical sensation, smooth breeze, the beating of the heart and memories that last forever.

Roshults lives for these seductive moments. Combining exclusive materials, such as teak and stainless steel, with a modern architectural design, we celebrate the luxurious aspects of the good life.

The result is a unique concept of stylish, high-quality outdoor furniture. Roshults furniture stands for comfort, elegance and refined fulfillments intermingle effortlessly.