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Mozaix Modern Garden Sofa

Mozaix Modern Garden Sofa …

Here’s a recent installation of Mozaix modern garden sofa on a customer’s swish hardwood decking. Mozaix is designed by Kris Van Puyvelde for Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture, has sophisticated contemporary design and offers unparalleled comfort for you and your guests. Mozaix modular garden lounge set can be arranged into a wide range of tempting sizes and different configurations, perfectly suited t your own requirements. What’s more, Mozaix’ luxury outdoor cushions are available in a wide range of high quality garden furniture fabrics, enabling you to tailor the furniture to your own taste.

Modular Garden Lounge Set

Mozaix modular garden lounge set is characterized by its unique latticed hardwood bases which have a very distinctive aesthetic. The bases are available in a range of sizes, which allows you to create endless different modern garden sofa configurations. The captivating latticed bases are optionally available with a range of glazed ceramic tiles and hardwood tiles, which are inserted into the lattice bases. This allows you to create exciting integrated side tables and low tables, with tiles fitted in random colours and patterns. Mozaix luxury outdoor furniture collection also includes optional plant pot inserts for the latticed bases, as well as a solar-powered lamp and standard lamp.

The luxurious cushions and their wide range of high quality garden furniture fabrics ensure decadent comfort for you and your guests.

High Quality Garden Furniture Materials

For your peace of mind, Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture use only the highest quality materials. The latticed bases for Mozaix are made in highest quality mahogany hardwood, which is naturally oil-rich and highly resistant to rotting and corrosion, making it perfect for high quality garden furniture. The mahogany hardwood frames are available in regular oiled mahogany or mahogany in oiled-teak effect.

The high quality garden furniture cushions are upholstered in a range of 100% solution dyed acrylic and polypropylene fabrics, which are UV, stain and mildew-resistant. The cushions are fitted with QuickDry foam, which ensures any moisture is quickly dispersed from the cushion’s interior.

Mozaix’ optional table tiles are made in terracotta and have a glazed finish in a wide range of colour finishes. The tiles are also optionally available in solid oiled mahogany.

The optional LED lighting for Mozaix luxury outdoor furniture are made in Bronze powder coated aluminium and polyethylene fibre, and the solar-powered fittings are made in all-weather materials. The optional aluminium side table and aluminium planters are also finished in a durable Bronze powder coat finish.

Royal Botania Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture company was founded in the early 1990s, and initially specialised in high quality teak garden furniture. Royal Botania’s collections have evolved to now include stainless steel garden furniture, high quality aluminium garden furniture and upholstered garden furniture, whilst the company still continues to supply a wide range of luxury teak outdoor furniture. Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture collections include a wide range of modern garden dining sets, designer garden sofas, high quality sun loungers and contemporary outdoor bar furniture and luxury outdoor daybeds.

Royal Botania products are made in high quality outdoor furniture materials, and are suitable for use in high-end residential and hospitality projects worldwide.