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Maffam Manu CLASSIC Nest Seat Pod

Maffam Manu CLASSIC Nest seat pod, designed by Raimonds Cirulis.

Maffam Manu CLASSIC Nest seat pod is a compact one-seater swing chair, made from once TOP SECRET Basalt fibres – originally used by the Soviet Union in the aerospace industry. Basalt fibre is a uniquely durable material characterised by its lightness and strength. This amazing material has now been applied to more peaceful and creative purposes, such as CLASSIC Nest seat pod. The basalt fibres are given a durable gel-coat finish which ensures a lifetime of outdoor (or indoor) use.

Supplied as standard in black, bespoke colours are also available for the Maffam Manu Nest UK collection – please contact us for further details. Maffam Manu CLASSIC nest seat pod is ideal for year-round exterior – you can hang it from a tree or an exterior joist. Alternatively you can specify a steel base to suspend it from. CLASSIC nest seat pod is also suitable for use in the home, where you can hang it from a joist or a beam. CLASSIC is a striking modern design, and is suitable for use in private homes and gardens, hotels, bars, restaurants, spas etc.