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Maffam King lounge chair, designed by Raimonds Cirulis for Maffam – Latvia.

Maffam King lounge chair has a bold design and is generously proportioned, making a statement in any garden or room in the house. Maffam King chair’s curvaceous modern design is ergonomically created for your maximum comfort and support in all the right places.

Maffam King lounge chair is hand-made from highly durable Basalt fibres, a once Top Secret technology used by the Soviets during the Cold War. Basalt has now been applied to more peaceful and creative uses, but the fibre still retains it strength and weather resistance, making King chair and all other [BLACK] products suitable for year-round exterior or interior use.

Maffam King lounge chair is finished as standard in a tough black colour finish polyurethane gel coat, with other RAL colours available on request.

Maffam are also designers and creators of the infamously cool Maffam Manu nest range of luxury garden seat pods.