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Garden Swing Seats

Garden Swing Seats

Garden swing seats are a fantastic way to enjoy your outdoor space to relax and unwind. For instance, the gentle swinging motion soothes and helps reduce stress, making your garden a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Importantly, our sofa swings and hanging chairs are amongst the most comfortable furniture we’ve ever sold in 25 years of business.

What’s more, we provide a variety of seats available in various sizes and styles to suit your garden’s specific needs and your personal taste.

Moreover, our pods and swing seats require minimum maintenance and provide captivating year-round garden art, whatever the weather.

Consequently, whether you have a large garden or a small one, there’s likely a seat that will fit perfectly.

Two-Person Sofa Seats

Dive into absolute comfort whether you’re reclining or sitting with your loved ones. Our large swing sofas accommodate up to two adults and a child, offering an intimate & cozy atmosphere. Moreover, the pod’s handcrafted lattice work provides welcome shade while allowing dappled light to gently filter through.

Importantly, you can hang your swing sofa from the branch of a tree, a pergola beam, or one of our custom-made stands.

Unknown Garden Furniture

Unknown Furniture specialises in designing and creating enchanting garden seat pods for both residential and hospitality settings. Moreover, their Bios pods are shipped worldwide, from the Middle Eastern deserts to the icy surroundings of Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon hotel.

But that’s not all. Unknown Funiture also supply;

  • Lava panels, a range of standard and bespoke panels and screens for the garden, home and commercial projects.
  • Bios Lounge, a chic modular outdoor lounge furniture.
  • Lava Nest, a functional & stylish fire pit and bbq.

Importantly, Encompass holds stock of most Bios pods, ready for immediate UK mainland delivery. 

Highest Quality Materials

Each Bios seat is individually handcrafted, meaning that no two pieces are the same the same.

Importantly, the pods use the finest quality outdoor materials, ensuring a lifetime of comfort and aesthetic appreciation, with minimum maintenance or fuss.

For instance, the entire Bios collection is crafted from basalt fibre, renowned for its lightweight and strength from its origins in the aerospace industry. What’s more, the material is UV and weather-resistant, making the pods suitable for even the harshest climates worldwide.

Lastly, Bios swing seats feature a Bulletliner coating. Significantly, the automotive industry coat the underside of vehicles to protect them from stone chips, abrasion, wear & tear and temperature extremes. Consequently, this provides you with the peace of mind that your Bios swing seat is finished to the very highest standards.

View The Range

Discover the most iconic pieces of the Bios collection, which include:

Bios Hide

Among our most popular garden swing seats, Bios Hide’s design evokes the charm of a weaver bird’s nest. Moreover, its curved contours provide perfect posture for relaxation, and the luxury cushion supports you up to neck level, ensuring deep comfort.

Importantly, Hide seats up to 2 adults and a child (as well as a dog)!

Optionally, you can outfit the Hide outdoor sofa swing seat with a protective cover to keep the cushion dry in all weather conditions.

Bios Alpha

Bios Alpha boasts a distinctive ‘Zeppelin’ design spacious enough for you recline comfortably. What’s more, it features the same luxury garden cushion as the Hide, ensuring total comfort.

Just like Hide, Alpha will comfortably seat 2 adults and a child.

Moreover, Alpha’s handcrafted shell offers refreshing shade, and you can also add an optional protective cover to safeguard your cushion.

Bios Mini

Bios Mini is another best selling swing seat that features a timeless circular design that harmonises with various settings.

Moreover, this single seater comfortably seats an adult and a child. What’s more, you recommend specifying a snug cushion for ultimate comfort.


You can add a range of stylish and functional accessories to your Bios swing seat. For instance, options include;

  • Large luxury cushion for Bios Hide & Bios Alpha. Importantly, the cushion features a scalloped design which ensures that it snugly fits within the pods’ curvaceous form. Moreover, the cushions are upholstered in Sunbrella or Panama Agora outdoor fabrics, both made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Significantly, these fabrics are UV, stain-resistant, and water-repellent. Lastly, the cushions are filled with Quick Dry foam, designed to rapidly dry after rain.
  • Small luxury cushion for Bios Mini, Bios Lucid and Bios Nest. Again, this fantastically comfortable cushion also has a scalloped design ensuring that it snugly fits within the pods.
  • Custom-made Bios hanging chair stands enable you to use you Bios swing seat wherever you like in the garden or home. Importantly, the stands are crafted from super-strong steel with a C4 coating, ensuring corrosion resistance even in marine environments. Moreover, the steel is then coated with a tough black lacquer that is UV and scratch-resistant.
  • Lastly, you can also specify a protective cover for your Bios swing chair. Importantly, the covers use high-quality Action Arctic fabric which has a Hydrostatic Head of 10,000mm. Consequently, this ensures that the covers are almost totally water-proof. What’s more, the covers feature a bungee bottom for a perfect fit.